René goes out into his backyard to feed the long distance duck. Doing this, he discovers that it has given birth to five ducklings. Yvette joins him and reminds him that they could run away to Paris with all the money they have stolen from the bank. She becomes very upset when she learns that René has given the money to Lieutenant Gruber. As he tries to comfort her, Edith walks in on them and he explains to her that Yvette was faint from hunger. Edith then gives her some potato peels to eat, to "build up her strength".

Herr Flick receives a telephone call from Himmler, who has heard about the Gestapo's money being stolen. Although Herr Flick informs him that the money was forged, Himmler orders him to retrieve it, as it concerns "the principle of the thing". During their conversation, Von Smallhausen has entered the room and Herr Flick has ordered him not to listen. He has put his fingers in his ears and shut his eyes and therefore does not notice that the call is over. Herr Flick reminds him by hitting him over the head with a stick. He does this repeatedly as he works out a plan to retrieve the money, since he does this by asking Von Smallhausen questions and he constantly answers incorrectly. Herr Flick comes to the conclusion that sooner or later, one of the thieves will spend the forged money on food and they will therefore disguise themselves as market traders. The first one to spend forged money on their goods, they will capture and interrogate.

Helga, liutenant Gruber and colonel Von Strohm are gathered in the colonel's office, counting the money. It turns out to be 975,000 francs and none of them knows what has happened to the remaining 25,000. Gruber thinks they should hand them over anonymously to Herr Flick and be done with the matter, but the colonel is not very keen on that idea. Instead, he starts splitting the money between the three of them, giving two notes to Gruber, two to himself and one to Helga in each count, because she is a woman. She does not like this and grumpily tells him "I am a woman with a big mouth", after which he starts handing out two to her too. The next moment, captain Bertorelli walks into the office. Discovering that they are splitting the money, he also asks for a share, which the colonel reluctantly gives him. When a private soldier enters the room, wanting to be in on the deal, he is ordered to leave, if he does not wish to be sent to the Russian front.

At the café, Michelle knocks at the front door. She is disguised as a window cleaner and tells René, who comes out to her, that the resistance group in Abbeville has managed to photograph the invasion plans and that she has the microfilm. She hands René a parcel, informing him that the film is attached to the back of the stamp, which he is to steam off and then attach to the duck. He tells her of the problem that the duck now has five ducklings - that they will be wanting to be near their mother and that the mother probably will be reluctant to leave her children. Michelle does not care - the duck must leave that same day!

Edith is about to go shopping for food and she complains that the hidden resistance girls are eating her out of the house. Secondly, she asks if Denise Laroque is the same Denise Laroque who wanted to marry René. He says she is not and Edith is happy with the answer. As she leaves, she gives him three sandwiches to give to her mother. As he takes them upstairs, he is first pulled into one cupboard by Denise, who wants to make love to him and eats one of the sandwiches. When he finally gets out of that cupboard, he is soon pulled into another by Louise, who eats the other sandwich. Mimi then peeks out of the grandfather clock, but he manages to avoid her. The encounters with the girls have been tiresome for him and he therefore eats half of the last sandwich himself.

Meanwhile, herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen disguise themselves as fishmongers and enter the town square, trying to sell their wares. At first, they are approached by officer Crabtree, who buys some winkles from them. As he does not spend any notes, only coins, he is not suspected. A few moments later, monsieur Alfonse pays his respects to Edith, as they meet in the square. He has been to the hairdressers and, unbeknownst to him, has there received some of the forged notes (since Michelle spent some of them there). When he approaches the fishmongers, wanting to buy some fish, he spends one of them and is promptly arrested by the herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen, who drag him away to the Gestapo headquarters. Edith spots them doing this and hurries into the café.

René gives the last half-sandwich to Fanny, who angrily starts whipping him with a belt, since he is so arrogant to her. Edith rushes in and stops her. She then tells René and Fanny the terrible news of Monsieur Alfonse's arrest. Soon, Michelle, Yvette and Mimi also join them and Michelle already knows. She then uses the radio to contact London, asking for two pairs of 15-denier stockings and a pack of suicide pills. London in return asks if the duck is ready, which it is. London then urges them to send the invasion plans with the duck immediately and René and Edith therefore bring its cage into the town square. It is reluctant to leave and they, Crabtree and other people in the square charge after it to make it take off.

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