René is shaving, when Yvette enters the room, wondering why he has been avoiding her. He says he has managed to convince Edith that she misunderstood Yvette's declaration of being about to marry René, but they must be more discreet in the future. They kiss once, giving Yvette shaving cream around her mouth, which René tries to explain to Edith, who walks in on them.

Colonel Von Strohm informs lieutenant Gruber that general Von Klinkerhoffen has ordered him to start shooting people, if the paintings are not recovered. Secondly, Gruber is very releaved to hear that René has been released. The colonel then wants Gruber, who is very friendly with René, to wheedle the information of where the paintings are out of him, which he is reluctant to do.

At the café, Edith is practicing her singing together with monsieur LeClerc, when Mimi tells her that Michelle is in the backroom, since Edith has been wanting to talk to her. Edith tells her of her plan to prevent René from marrying Denise Laroque, which is that when Denise has stolen the wedding dress, Michelle's resistance group will kidnap her, so Edith can take her place at the altar. The veil of the dress is so thick that neither René nor the other communist resistance girls will suspect anything.

Herr Flick reveals to Helga that he has received an angry letter from his uncle Himmler, complaining that he is inefficient. If he does not recover the paintings or find any evidence of the plot to blow up Hitler, he is threatened with being sent to the Russian front. In an attempt to make progress, herr Flick has decided they shall both attend the activity in the church the following Saturday; they do not know that René is the groom or even that there is a wedding to be held.

On Friday evening, Edith closes the café early and when René comes down, she asks him to join her in the backroom. There, she has prepared a special dinner for them, recreating the one they had on their wedding night. René remembers and even becomes more sensitive and affectionate for Edith than usual. Edith even has her mother serving them, just as she did all those years ago. Meanwhile, monsieur Alfonse comes to give Edith flowers, but officer Crabtree tells him that the café is closed for the moment. Therefore, Alfonse asks him to give them to her. At the same moment, Yvette and Mimi work the streets looking for business as "women of the streets" but without any luck. They even try to flirt with captain Bertorelli, but they get nowhere, though monsieur Alfonse seems interested.

The next day, Edith is very nervous, because it is the day the wedding will take place. When the colonel and the lieutenant are having lunch at the café, they ask her about it and if they can talk to René, but she does not tell them who are the bride and groom, only that René is upstairs. While Edith meets Michelle in the backroom and is told that Denise has been imprisoned down a mine shaft and receives the wedding dress from her, Gruber goes upstairs to find René, who is putting his wedding clothes on, aided by monsieur Alfonse. When he comes up and finds René dressed in such fancy clothes, he becomes very emotionally upset when learning that René is the groom.

In church, René is waiting nervously, while all the others show up one by one (even the communist resistance, with loaded guns) and it turns out LeClerc is to be the organist and monsieur Alfonse is the best man, handing out programmes. The colonel and the lieutenant sit down behind René and ask him about the paintings, which he assures them are safe. As the ceremony starts, all the wedding guests and a choir start singing. Herr Flick and Helga have disguised themselves as members of the choir, but as they do not know the words, they "open and shut their mouths like gold fish". When the bride has arrived, René stands up next to her, but he then discovers that she is rather short for being Denise Laroque. Edith then reveals herself to him and Alfonse, giving them both quite a shock. In order not to arouse the communists' suspicions, René must still go through with the ceremony. Ultimately it does not become a proper wedding, since Yvette and Mimi have replaced the real priest with officer Crabtree.

  • Note: Once again, the airmen actors are credited without appearing in the episode.
  • Note: Kim Hartman (Helga) is credited as number four, even though she is the ninth person to appear in frame.
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