Louise has decided to keep René as her love slave, but for the moment, he is faking a headache to stay out of it. As Louise turns up, she asks him to join her at a party meeting. The others have decided not to let Louise keep him as her love slave—they all want to share him. Therefore, they write their names on notes, put them in a hat and draw them to find out in which order they are to "use" him. However, as they demand he help them with cooking, washing and other domestic things, he is relieved rather than upset. He is first assigned to cook soup and wash knickers.

Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber are sitting in their office, with Gruber crying and sobbing at the death of René. The colonel is not so sensitive and demands they go to the café to get the painting back. As he asks Helga into the room, he tells her where the painting is and that she must try to get to missing booby back from Herr Flick. He is reluctant to let her in on the proceeds from the painting, but is forced to when Gruber points out that she knows they were really deserting. As she is leaving the room, general Von Klinkerhoffen enters. He invites Von Strohm and Gruber to join him in a hunting party in the afternoon. He also urges the two of them go and see Edith, to offer her some compensation for René's death. He does not want to be asked questions when Germany lose the war—as he is convinced it will, since he is "rapidly losing confidence in the German army".

Edith shows Mimi and Yvette some of René's belongings, which she has gathered in a box and ask them to take something to remember him by. The next moment, Michelle turns up - from the back passage. She informs them that she has spoken to the priest, who has agreed to hold a memorial service for René in the evening. As the next moment, they are joined by officer Crabtree and monsieur Alfonse, Edith offers them to take an item from the box too. Then, monsieur Alfonse makes his intentions clear to Edith—he wants to marry her, now that she is a widow. She says it is too soon, since René is still fresh in her memory. That gives Mimi the idea that they should make something to remember René by and finally, they all agree on a statue, life size, which Monsieur Alfonse will make.

The next moment, Gruber and Von Strohm come riding in Gruber's little tank and stop outside. Therefore, Michelle flees down the back passage, Edith orders the two waitresses to go upstairs and officer Crabtree leaves to "go about his business". The two Germans ask for the painting, of which the whereabouts Edith does not know, and also offers to compensate her in some wey. She then asks them to pay for the statue of René, but as monsieur Alfonse shows them his prices, they think both one in marble and one in sandstone would be too expensive - and settle for one in concrete.

As René is forced to dry the knickers (by riding a bicycle, which powers a turning clothes line), one of the girls tell him that they will all leave the headquarters for a while, but he should not get any ideas of escaping, since they are leaving Désirée behind to guard him and she is large.

Helga arrives at herr Flick's headquarters just in time to witness Von Smallhausen remove his bandages. When his new face is revealed, all three of them, even herr Flick himself, are surprised and unsure if it is really him. Helga kisses him to see if she stills shudder with excitement. However, with his new appearance, she still shudders, but the excitement is gone. He then says he needs a second opinion. He and Von Smallhausen then go to the café. There, they manage to fool Edith that they are really British agents, who want the painting to send it to England, so it can be sold to help in the war effort. When she tells them she does not know where it is, the urge her to keep searching for it.

As René is done with drying the knickers, he makes Désirée some tea and put sleeping pills in it. After she has tried to force herself on him a few times, she falls heavily asleep. Then, he manages to escape from the headquarters, wearing the head and furcoat of an elk, which they have kept as a hunting trophy. Unfortunately, the Germans arrive in the same woods for their hunting party. They spot an elk and as they do not know it is René in disguise, general Von Klinkerhoffen shoots him in his bum with his shotgun. As René flees and the three Germans are following him, they come by the communist resistance, who open fire on them. Thinking that it is the gamekeepers of the landowner who are shooting at them, they quickly withdraw to their car.

In the evening, Edith, Mimi, Yvette, officer Crabtree and monsieur Alfonse all return to the café from the memorial service. As they go into the backroom to have some sandwiches that Edith has prepared for them, she gets the idea of trying to contact René's spirit by having a séance. As they are all sitting around the table, with the lights out (only candles lit on the table), holding hands, René returns and tries to get into the backroom. When they hear the noise, they really think it is René's spirit and when he opens the window and try to get in, wearing the elkskin, they think they have accidentally summoned up the devil himself and flee in horror. However, they close the door before Edith manages to get out of the room and the doorknob comes off in her hand. René try to convince her, that it is him, but she will not hear of it. Instead, she threatens him with a hayfork to leave and not haunt her like this.

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