René tells the TV audience that it is now September 13, 1943, and two years have passed since the last time (the last episode of series seven). Furthermore, he informs the audience that the two British airmen have finally escaped back to England, and captain Bertorelli has departed, following the Italian withdrawal from the war. Thirdly, the war is going badly for the Germans. For once, all is calm in René's world.

However, Yvette comes into the café and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. She urges him to finally marry her, but he is still reluctant. As he tries to comfort her, Edith and Mimi walk in on them and they are soon told of Yvette's pregnancy. As neither she nor René want to reveal who the father is, Yvette says she cannot remember who it is. In order to avoid the disgrace of a child outside of wedlock, they come up with various ideas. René suggests marrying Yvette - which Edith will not hear of. Mimi suggests claiming it is her child - since she is used to shame. Edith suggests claiming it is hers and René's, which would force him to marry her. She even has a daydream, dreaming that she wakes René up in the morning, announcing that she is pregnant and him being overjoyed by the news. They are even married by the Pope before she is woken up from the dream by René, who decides they must find the father, but by letting Yvette remember who it is herself and in the meantime, not reveal it to anyone.

When that has been decided, officer Crabtree walks into the café. He informs them all, that there is a rumor going around in the town that one of René's "wotresses has a bin in the iven". Yvette, Mimi and Edith all tell him they are the mother, but they urge him to keep it to himself. However, as he is about to leave the café, there is a crowd of people outside, pointing their fingers into the café, crying "shame". As it is now too late to conceal whose baby it is, Edith and Mimi urge Yvette to remember who the father is.

Colonel Von Strohm and lieutenant Gruber are in the colonel's office, trying to learn Spanish by listening to a Spanish language course on the gramophone. Since the war is starting to go badly for the Germans, they have decided to learn Spanish and the flee towards the Spanish border. However, as the language course is too difficult, the colonel decides to surrender to the British instead. The next moment, Helga comes into the room, announcing general Von Klinkerhoffen. He cautiously asks them, if they will be loyal to the Führer to the end, which they say the will, and what they think of plots to assassinate Hitler, which they think is outrageous. That being the case, he forbids them to surrender - they shall all fight to the last man and the last bullet.

Edith brings her mother and monsieur LeClerc some food, finding madame Fanny making herself look good for the invaders. LeClerc thinks she looks like Louis XVI. The next moment, René, Yvette, Mimi and Michelle enter the room, in order to contact London on the radio. Michelle tells them that she has also heard the rumor of the pregnancy, and it turns out Fanny and LeClerc also knows. As they are contacted on the radio, they discover that even the London headquarters know about it. However, the message concerns René, as there will be a plane sent over that same evening to pick him up and bring him to England. He says he does not want to go, as he has already been to London and did not like it, but Michelle explains that it is because he knows the area like the back of his hand, which will be valuable to the invaders. They all urge him to go - except Yvette, who wants him to stay with her. At first, he listens to her, but as Michelle points out, that monsieur Alfonse knows hypnotism and that they can as him to try to hypnotise Yvette, thus luring the information of the father out of her, René decides to go to England anyway.

The colonel and the lieutenant decide they must have money, in order to escape. Therefore, they decide they must find the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, which has now been missing for over two years. As they suspect herr Flick of the Gestapo of having it, they ask Helga to go to him at his headquarters. While she is there, Gruber will telephone him, claiming to be one of Himmler's ruthless Gestapo men and that they are coming to collect the painting for the Führer. Herr Flick will then panic and reveal its hiding place.

René and Mimi are cleaning glasses in the bar and she asks him, if he would marry her if it would have been her child. As he confirms that he would, she also has a daydream where she reveals to René, that she is pregnant and that Edith gives her blessing to their marriage. When René has woken her up and sent her off to the kitchen to knead some dough, Yvette asks him into the backroom, where they have a quick cuddle.

Herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen are listening to the news on the radio. They are informed that the German army is still doing well, but as the radio studio suffers from an air raid, the radio explodes. The next moment, Helga arrives and herr Flick tells her that since the Gestapo will not be very popular around town when the invasion comes, he and Von Smallhausen will escape. As the telephone rings and Gruber orders him to hand over the painting, he decides to try to save it, by making his headquarters look ransacked and then make Helga tie him and Von Smallhausen to two chairs. He even asks her to knock them unconscious - all in order to make it look like the resistance have stolen the painting. However, he will not reveal its hiding place. When Helga has knocked him out, she fools Von Smallhausen that she loves him, thus making him reveal where the painting is. When she has got it, she knocks him out too and leaves.

Michelle, Yvette, Mimi, officer Crabtree, Edith and René are sitting around a table in the café, waiting for monsieur Alfonse, who soon turns up. He hypnotises Yvette, by dangling his pocket watch in front of her. However, he also happens to hypnotise Mimi and Michelle, and all three of them reveal who was the last man they "entertained in a naughty way". When Yvette is about to reveal the name of the father, René sneezes in order to save himself and then, Yvette faints. As all the women (except Michelle) go out into the kitchen to wake her up, it turns out, that officer Crabtree has also been hypnotised. When they wake him up, he does not remember who he is and what situation he is in.

When Helga hands over the painting to the colonel and the lieutenant, it turns out that there is a large hole in the middle of it - she has removed one of the boobies to make sure she is not cut off from the profits from it.

When the Gestapo officers have woken up, herr Flick is outraged that the painting is missing. He makes Von Smallhausen reveal what he knows by injecting a truth serum in his body. Thus, herr Flick knows that Helga has taken the painting.

As it is decided that René will go to England, he decides to leave the café through the window in the backroom, while Edith is doing a Turkish dance. In there, he also has a chance to say goodbye to Yvette. When he has done so, and they have decided she will reveal the name of the father, when he is gone, he rides his bicycle to the woods, where he meets Michelle and her girls. As they all cycle away to the field, where the plane will land and officer Crabtree is already waiting for them, they ride by Gruber and Von Strohm in Gruber's little tank, who are on their way to spy on Helga, in order to find the missing boobie. As the plane is approaching, the Germans also hear it. Gruber spots it through his binoculars and since it has British colours, the two Germans decide to try to shoot it down with the gun on Gruber's tank.

In the field, the girls use their bicycles as dynamos, lighting it up with their bicycle lamps. However, as Gruber shoots the plane and makes one of its wheels come off, it does not land, but returns to England instead. Since René cannot be picked up, he returns to the café, where Edith is dancing with monsieur Alfonse. Yvette announces to everybody, that she is pregnant, but just as she is about to reveal who the father is, René walks into the café. Thus, she cannot say it, but faints instead. To keep Edith's mind off the father, René dances with her.

  • Note: In this episode, Von Smallhausen's first name is revealed to be Engelbert.
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