Herr Engelbert Von Smallhausen
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Aliases Von Crackenfart
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Job/Position Gestapo Officer
Nationality German
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Portrayed by John Louis Mansi

Herr Engelbert Von Smallhausen is a fictional character in the series 'Allo 'Allo!. In the beginning, he was only credited as "Gestapo man". His real name is revealed to be Bobby Cedric[1].

Von Smallhausen is not the brightest of individuals, and is persistently mistreated by his superior, Herr Otto Flick - who sometimes hits Von Smallhausen over the head with a rubber truncheon, and it is implied in some episodes that he resides in a small cupboard at Flick's headquarters. On a later occasion he reveals that he has a 'small but comfortable' apartment over the bakery)[2].

Other identities Edit

He says himself in one of the first episodes he appears in, that his first name is "Engelbert". However, later in the series he is accidentally hypnotized to answer all questions truthfully and then gives his name as "Bobby Cedric Von Smallhausen"[1].

Together with Herr Otto Flick he disguise himself as a German Field Marshall named Von Crackenfart[3].

Reference Edit

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