Erich Von Klinkerhoffen
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Portrayed by Hilary Minister

Erich Von Klinkerhoffen is a General in the Wehrmacht and is Gruber's and Von Strohm's superior.


Von Klinkerhoffen has small eyes and small lips and balding grey hair. He wears red staff tabs and has epaulettes of a Generalleutnant. He decorated with the Iron Cross and bar, and considered a hero from the Russian front[1].


The General is a very direct person and often threatens his men with a ticket to the Russian Front. He doesn't seem to care about any of his men, once refusing to pay the ransom to release Von Strohm and Gruber from the Communist Resistance.

He has even less of a liking for the Gestapo, and forced Herr Flick at gunpoint to release Von Strohm and his aide when under Gestapo detention.

Not a lot is known about the general, although he does like women quite a lot, he tried to seduce Maria when he found her in his chateau. In some episodes, he has caught the other officers "having a good time" with one of the waitresses. However, at one point he invited Lt. Gruber to a party at the Chateau, commenting there was no need to change his clothes - Gruber was dressed as a lady at the time.

Despite this, von Klinkerhoffen is a very egotistical and narcissistic man, and his arrogance often gets the better of him. 


  • When Von Klinkerhoffen was pretending to be mad, he went "Bluebottley! Bluebottley!" Bluebottle was a character from the mad radio show The Goon Show.
  • His wifes sister, is the mistress (the one wearing chamois leather underclothes) of Hermann Göring[2].
  • The name Erich were first used by Lt. Gruber[2].

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