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Fanny La Fan
09 fanny la fan.jpg
Fanny La Fan as played by Rose Hill

Full name

Fanny Now-you-see-it-now-you-do-not La Fan



Significant others

Roger LeClerc (former lover), Ernest LeClerc (Husband), Countless others

Family members

Edith Artois (daughter), Rene Artois (son-in-law)

Madam Fanny La Fan is the mother of Edith Artois and therefore mother-in-law to Rene Artois. She was played by the actress Rose Hill.


An elderly woman, Fanny is also a misanthrope who often moans at anything or anyone with whom she comes into contact. Even her daughter Edith, who is one of the few people who makes an effort to be nice to her, can rarely meet her constant demands or appease her crankiness.She only can hear with her ear trumpet. She often uses a walking stick to bang on the floor of her bedroom so that the other characters below will hear and come to her assistance. More often than not, however, the reasons for the calls for help are nothing more than complaints about what was served for lunch.

Fanny and her son-in-law René share a mutual hatred of each other (the only time she is pleasant to Rene is when she learns of a large quantity of gold in his possession and then encourages Edith to marry him). Despite this, however, they are both constantly being caught up together in the plans of the French, English or German intelligence - René because of how "out of the way" his cafe is, and Fanny because since she is by and large bed-bound. While it is sometimes unclear whose side René is really on, Fanny is fiercely patriotic and extremely anti-German always spitting three times on the sight or mention of them. The only time she did not is when General Von Klinkerhoffen offered her some wine.(The Jet Propelled Mother-In-Law)

Unhappily, she carries the same characteristics as her daughter. She is arrogant, selfish, unintelligent and callous. She is terrified of Monsieur Alfonse, mainly due to the fact that he is an undertaker and she does not want to die yet. She went to the extent of throwing three flower pots at him from her window.


  • She has a sister living in Avignon[1].
  • She had dated Vincent Van Gogh which she declined to marry.
  • Recieved the ear of Van Gogh.
  • She owns the Cracked Vase with the Big Daisies which was given to her by Van Gogh.
  • Hates Germans and foreigners.
  • She is a former cabaret dancer/singer.
  • Had multiple husbands/lovers.


"Will nobody hear the cries of an old woman?"

"Edith, who is zis fat kraut with ze piggy eyes?"

"Oh, ze flashing knobs!"

"I don't drink with the Germans, I spit on zem" (spits)


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