The Gestapo abbreviation of Geheime Staatspolizei, was the official secret police of Nazi Germany and German-occupied Europe during the Second World War. The force was created by Hermann Göring in 1933.

In Allo Allo Edit

In Allo Allo the Gestapo is represented by Herr Otto Flick, a senior officer[1] who are stationed in Nouvion whos main task is to recover the paintings of The Fallen Madonna to Adolf Hitler. Engelbert von Smallhausen is also a part of the Gestapo, he acts as an assistant to Herr Flick. While Helga Geerhart is technically under the supervision of Von Strohm, she sometimes help out Herr Flick with inside information.

The Gestapo headquarters are located in a secret location underground dungeon on Rue de Gangoine 32, somewhere in Nouvion.

The Gestapo have various special custom items and tools, often used by Herr Flick as an aid to investigate, spy or interrogate suspects. They are usually referred to with the prefix "the Gestapo..." followed by a specific item.

The lists is as follow:

  • Binocular
  • Pen and pencil set
  • Gramophone records
  • ...more to follow

Reference Edit

  1. Season 5, Episode 5: Otherwise Engaged
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