In the middle of the night, René comes home to the café wearing nothing but a hospital operating gown, after having walked all the way from the hospital. He is soon interrupted by lieutenant Gruber, who informs him that he and colonel Von Strohm have killed monsieur Alfonse with the exploding bedpan. Gruber wants to celebrate that they are all "in the clear", but René manages to kindly make him leave the café, so that he can close it. Yvette comes down the stairs and they have a quick cuddle. Edith also comes down and walks in on them. After René has managed to explain the situation, they all go to bed.

Helga and Von Smallhausen are both waiting quietly in herr Flick's headquarters, while he is talking on the telephone. When he has hung up, he tells them that monsieur Alfonse is dead, but they have no lead concerning the whereabouts of the money, which is forged. Helga is somewhat distraught to learn that the money is forged, but manages to explain to herr Flick that she is upset because he is upset. Herr Flick then orders Von Smallhausen to investigate monsieur Alfonse's mortuary by being smuggled into it disguised as a corpse. Von Smallhausen protests that he will not be able to keep still enough to pass as a corpse, but when herr Flick tells him that he will be injected with a drug that will make him appear dead for 24 hours, he faints just from seeing the big needle herr Flick picks out.

Helga rushes to the colonel's office, where she informs him, the lieutenant and captain Bertorelli that the money is forged. After they have all put their shares on the table, they soon decide to take it back where it came from - that is to say to the café. They also decide it will be done in the same way that it was taken away from there - stuffed down somebody's trousers. They soon decide to let captain Bertorelli do it and forcily stuff the money down his trousers. The colonel then orders Helga to inform him when he is on his way to the café - by which time he will tell the Gestapo so they will arrest him. This way they will be rid of both the money and the Italian captain.

Officer Crabtree enters the café and tells René and Edith that Michelle is in the town square with a new escape plan for the British airmen. He gives her a secret signal, after which she comes out of the kitchen door. She then tells the whole gang (René, Edith, Yvette, Mimi and Crabtree) that the Germans will soon start using a new secret weapon - a very big bomb, which is a new type of landmine. The resistance have managed to grab two of them, which are so big that a person could sit inside one of them, once the explosives have been removed. This has been done with the two mines in question, which are brought into the café. The plan is for the airmen to sit inside the mines, which will be loaded onto a German plane. When the mines are dropped over England, they will quickly unscrew the lids, using spanners, and then open the parachutes they will be wearing. While she and Crabtree have been explaining this plan to the café gang, one of Michelle's girls has explained it to the airmen upstairs. Secondly, she tells them that the parachutes will be delivered, disguised as pillows, by one of their agents, disguised as a pillow stuffer. When Michelle has left, René and Mimi take the landmines down into the cellar, while the others go upstairs to talk to London on the radio.

In Fanny's room, they discover monsieur Alfonse in her bed. He is hiding there and is still attached to the heart-beat machine. When the bedknobs start flashing, his heart starts beating so much that the machine explodes. Meanwhile, Mimi ask René in the café when the communist resistance girls will leave, since she wants her room back. The next moment, all the girls come downstairs and Denise informs René that they have had a vote and decided to move to Abbeville. When the rest of them have left the café, Louise tells René that she will soon kill Denise and come back to get him - to make him her lover.

In the evening, Helga tells the colonel that captain Bertorelli is on his way to the café. Von Strohm then telephones herr Flick to anonymously tells him that the stolen money can be found in the trousers of the person with feathers on his head (captain Bertorelli is always wearing a hat with cockerel feathers), who in turn can be found at the café. When he makes the call, he is only met by herr Flick's answering machine, so the colonel records the message on it. When he is done, Gruber points out that if herr Flick does not receive the message quickly enough, he will arrest René - who knows too much. The three of them therefore hurry to the café.

While Edith sings in the café, René and Yvette have time for a quick cuddle in the backroom. When Edith has finished, captain Bertorelli enters the café. He tries to tell Edith that he wants to return the money but since he, in several ways, "beats about the bush", she misunderstands his words and thinks he wants to take advantage of her "intimate services". When he says he wants to give her one million francs, she thinks it is the price he wants to pay for her services and faints at hearing such an enormous sum. René rushes in and asks what is the matter, whereupon Bertorelli tells him clearly that he wants to return the money. While Mimi takes Bertorelli into the kitchen to have the money hidden there, René manages to wake Edith up and takes her upstairs to rest.

When the Germans enter the café, they think Bertorelli has not arrived yet and try to warn René, who has quickly come downstairs again. Gruber tells René of their plan and when he informs the Germans of where Bertorelli and the money are, they go into the kitchen to stuff the money down his trousers again. The next moment, the "pillow stuffer" (who is, of course, monsieur LeClerc) enters the café. He gives René the two disguised parachutes and attempts to leave, when herr Flick enters the café. Since LeClerc is disguised as a pillow stuffer, he has many feathers on him - among other places in his hat. Herr Flick therefore thinks he has the money and attempts to arrest him. When René will not vouch for him, LeClerc spread feathers all over herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen and escapes from the café in the commotion. The two Gestapo officers chase after him.

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  • This episodes marks the last appearance of Denise Laroque (Moira Foot)
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