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Helga Geerhart
Private Helga Geerhart
Series All
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Job/Position Secretary
Nationality German
Affiliation Nazis/Gestapo
Portrayed by Kim Hartman

Private Helga Geerhart is Colonel Von Strohm's secretary, and later Lieutenant Hubert Gruber's wife, as revealed in A Winkle In Time. She is played by Kim Hartman.

She is the secretary of Colonel Kurt Von Strohm. She works for Captain Hans Geering and Lieutenant Gruber too, but is also very loyal to Herr Otto Flick. She actually works as a double agent for him and is his love interest. She often, during special operations, has to disguise herself. Her signature is, when someone is about to enter Von Strohm's study, her way of shouting the name of the one(s) entering. She is often fancied, especially by Herr Flick, who wants to marry her, but she is also very popular with General Von Klinkerhoffen. She is not afraid of taking her clothes off, revealing various fashionable undergarments. One episode concerned her silk knickers which had been stolen to repair the airmen's hot-air balloon - "Not zer vones viz zer little swastikas around zer edge?" inquired Herr Flick.

It is mentioned in one episode when Gruber disguised himself as a woman and took Helga's clothes that she has a spare wig, possibly implying that she always carries one. Unlike her superiors, Helga is not an impulsive or arrogant individual. Thoughtful, farseeing, highly intelligent and manipulative. She is an adept seductress and an expert spy.

She often becomes enrolled in Herr Flick's plans (that often go pear shaped) such as when she attempted to use a cigerette holder to shoot a poisonous dart at General Von Klinkerhoffen, only for him to borrow the holder - having left his at the chateau - and end up shooting the dart at Herr Flick (but the antidote was applied in time). Another being when Herr Flick questioned her with the truth serum made from the Peruvian Self-Inflated Marsh Frog, caused her breasts to inflate hugely. There was a short sketch made featuring her where she did get too big and her clothes exploded off her (her silk Swastika knickers were seen again in this sketch) before she reached elephantine size and exploded. It was revealed in one episode, when she had to seduce René, that she has three swastikas tattoed on her front. She mentions in another episode that her mother is/was a poor Bavarian strudel chopper.

In the last episode it is revealed that at the end she is married to Gruber and has multiple children with him.


Helga is tall, blonde and blue eyed - a perfect representation of the Aryan ideal.