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After René has run away from the duel, he is hiding in the hay from Monsieur Alfonse. In the hay, he meets up with the resistance, who are having a secret meeting there. In order to help him hide, they have decided on a disguise for René.

In the café, Edith is singing for the customers and even Monsieur Alfonse has a difficult time accepting her singing, even though he tries subtly not to show it. Suddenly, Michelle turns up and asks to speak to him in private. The three of them (Michelle, Monsieur Alfonse and Edith) therefore go into the backroom. Meanwhile, Henriette explains to Yvette that René is outside, in disguise. After Michelle has explained to Monsieur Alfonse how important René is to their cause, they will bring him inside. While Gruber asks Yvette for a cognac, some more resistance girls enter the café - among them René, dressed as one of them. When he sees Gruber, he tries to hide from him that he is René, but Gruber soon discovers it anyway. When René asks him not to give him away (meaning not to tell anybody that it is him in disguise), Gruber misunderstands this and assures him he will not tell anybody that René is a cross dresser. When some more Germans enter the café, Gruber asks René for a dance, so the others will not approach him and find out that he is really a man. While they are dancing, René gets note that Michelle wants to see him in the backroom and he can retreat there.

In there, René gets another shock, as he stands face to face with Monsieur Alfonse. However, Alfonse tells him that he did not know about his importance, courage and bravery, which Michelle has explained to him, and therefore, he has very high regards for René and also says he cannot come between him and Edith. From now on, he will admire her from afar. However, when he has left, Edith says she cannot face her friends in the presence of the cowardly René. Michelle tells her to give the explanation that a bumble bee flew down his trousers during the duel and he had to find the nearest river to drown it. Maria enters the room to tell René, that Helga has arrived and is in need of help. Before Michelle leaves, she says the wind is favourable, so the airmen will leave by balloon that same evening and René will lead them to the barn where the balloon is hidden. René asks where they are now, and they show up behind the curtain - also dressed as resistance girls.

After they have gone, Helga comes into the room and explains that the colonel and the captain have been arrested by Herr Flick. She also insists René rescue them and when he protests she says that they may reveal the complicated situation with the sausages under torture. When she is about to leave and René follows after her, they are stopped by Herr Flick's assistant Von Smallhausen. After he has confirmed that they are René and Helga, he arrests René and orders Helga to come with them - all on Herr Flick's orders - to the dungeon in the Germans' headquarters. When they have gone, Edith and the girls do not know what to do, but Gruber says they must go over the heads of the Gestapo and telephones general Erich Von Klinkerhoffen.

In the dungeon, captain Hans Geering, René and colonel Kurt Von Strohm are locked up behind bars. René asks the colonel to reveal the whereabouts of the real painting, but the colonel will not hear of it. When Herr Flick enters the room, he asks if they are willing to talk, but instead, the Germans try to talk him out of torturing them. He will not agree to this and soon leaves - intending to return soon. Helga hands them a note and they think it contains a plan. However, all it says is "Have you got a plan?" Then, they discover a sewer cover in the cell, which they open. However, it is too small for them to escape through, but people can stick their heads up or down it. Suddenly, somebody does stick his head out of it, namely LeClerc, who has gone through the sewers in order to find them. He brings a message from Michelle, only asking if they have a plan. When he has left, Maria sticks her head out of the hole and René gives her a kiss. When Yvette sticks her head out, she gives René the three rings with the suicide pills. After René has kissed her too and she has gone, Herr Flick returns. While he plays the organ, he forces Helga to turn a wheel, which makes the ceiling in the cell lower down on them. As they are about to be crushed, they take the suicide pills, but they do not work. The moment later, general Von Klinkerhoffen arrives and orders Herr Flick to stop. Herr Flick explains why he is torturing them and that his authority to do so comes from Berlin. The general does not think it matters and at gunpoint, he demands Herr Flick release the prisoners. When Herr Flick tells him he has influential friends (his godfather is Henrich Himmler), the general still "wins" over him, since his wife's sister is Hermann Görings most influential mistress. When Helga is ordered to turn the wheel the other way (to lift the ceiling), she accidentally breaks the wheel of, so the ceiling cannot be raised. However, the general shoots off the lock to the cell, and René and the officers manage to crawl out.

Edith comes up to her mother and tells her she has lit a candle in church for René, whom she fears is no longer with them. Soon afterwards, officer Crabtree enters the room and wants to speak to London on the radio. When also the airmen have come in - dressed as resistance girls - the bedknobs start flashing. When Edith talks to London, she is informed that tonight will be the night when the airmen will fly away in the balloon. Then Maria comes in and tells them that René has been released and has returned.

When René and Yvette are sitting in the café, talking, Michelle arrives (disguised as a café table) and once more tells René he will lead the airmen to the coast that same day. René and Yvette tell her that no one is allowed to leave the village, since the Germans are on maneuver and everybody is under curfue. However, Michelle says social services are allowed.

The whole company take the airmen to the barn, disguised as a funeral party, lead by officer Crabtree walking up front and Monsieur LeClerc in the back. Edith (wearing a moustashe), Monsieur Alfonse and René (all in black clothes) are driving one hearse, with Fanny in the coffin as the corpse, while Yvette, Michelle and Maria (also wearing moustashes and black clothes) are driving another where the airmen are playing corpses in two other coffins. They are stopped by a German road block patrol, but when Helga tells the colonel that René is probably getting rid of the airmen this way, they are allowed to proceed. However, they are at once stopped again, by general Von Klinkerhoffen, who is rather suspicious. He does let them proceed when René shows him his mother-in-law and tells him she has died of the plague.

When they have arrived at the barn and the sun is setting, they all wave goodbye to the airmen, who take off in the balloon.

Allo Allo Series 2
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