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Lieutnant (later Oberleutnant) Hubert Gruber is one of the main German characters in 'Allo 'Allo!. From the very beginning of the series he shows a strong affection to René Artois, which becomes a running gag during the whole series. He is assigned as an ADC (aide-de-camp) to General Von Klinkerhoffen and later as an unoffical assistant to Colonel Von Strohm when Captain Hans Geering going missing. He lives at the Chateau[1].


Gruber is semi-openly seen as a homosexual, with a very direct attitude towards sexism. He is shown as a caring, timid person who has a schoolgirl like crush on René Artois and tries to make sure no harm ever comes to him by disregarding the orders set by his superiors or persuading them to do something which will make René look good.

Although being somewhat quirky, Gruber is an efficient soldier and has a very strong line of connections in the German Army, due to his astonishing military accomplishments. He even goes as far as summoning General von Klinkerhoffen after Rene is taken prisoner by the Gestapo.

Gruber is often seen in his military attire, with the epaulettes of an Oberleutnant. Judging by the rose coloured border around the epaulette he is in the German Panzer Corps. He is not without his 'little tank' (later renamed Hubert) - an SdKfz. 222 light armoured car, driven by an unseen Clarence. In a interview it is stated that: "Hubert was not a Nazi. He was an officer in the tank corps."[2]

Early life[]

Hubert Gruber comes from Baden-Baden - in Germany. He has an interest in art and attended art school in his youth, but was expelled (just after they had done fish). Prior to the war, he was a comic singer[3], worked as a window dresser, and as an assistant in an art gallery in Cologne.


Before he was the General's assistant he was stationed on the Eastern Front where he was awarded the Iron Cross. He has an incredible military career at the Russian Front, but he is still subsides this factor modestly. It is not stated why or how he ended up in Nouvion, but it's evident that he is a member of the military tank corp of the German army.

During second season he is assigned as an ADC (aide-de-camp) to General Von Klinkerhoffen and later as an unofficial assistant to Colonel Von Strohm when Captain Hans Geering going missing.

Abilities and skills[]

  • Soldier - Gruber is an extremely accomplished soldier in the Nazi millitary forces and has a very impressive record about his time on the Russian Front. Despite this, he is terrified of the idea of returning to the Russian Front, much like other characters in Allo Allo.
  • Tank driver - Although his journeys are made essentially by Clarence, Gruber is highly efficient with the basics and tactics of tank-driving. Rather insanely, Gruber treats his 'little tank' as if it's a living thing, naming it Hubert after himself and showing excessive affection towards it.
  • Art history expert/artistic talent - He shows skills as an art history expert when Herr Flick call him in to find out which of the three paintings (who he mixed up) is the true original. Later his artistic talent comes useful, when he is ordered by Colonel von Strohm to make copies of the painting "The Fallen Madonna" by Van Klomp and the "The Cracked Vase With The Big Daisies" by Van Gogh.
  • Musician/Singer - Gruber is an incredibly talented musician and cabaret singer, although only shown on a few occasions. He, unlike Edith Artois, actually draws the admiration of the customers at the Cafe Rene.
  • Duellist - Having come from the University of Heidelberg, Gruber is a competent duellist and has very high experience in duelling.


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