Kurt Von Strohm
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Job/Position Town Commandant of Nouvion.
Nationality German
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Portrayed by Richard Marner

Colonel Kurt Von Strohm is the the town commandant of Nouvion, holding the rank of Oberst. He is a frequent Patron to Café René. In season he one time refer himself as "Erich".


Colonel Strohm is quite fat and has balding brown hair. Compared to Gruber and Helga he is quite tall.


The Colonel is depicted as being a somewhat cowardly person; who's chief fear seems to be his superior, Von Klinkerhoffen, but does use force if deemed necessary. He is also extremely selfish, callous and weak, only caring about retrieving the missing portrait of the Fallen Madonna so he can sell it after the War

History Edit

It is possible he is from Berlin or the Black Forest region.

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