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It is half past one in the morning and René is down in the cellar, packing the exploding Christmas puddings in wine crates, while having the British airmen hidden in two barrels next to him. Yvette comes down and wants a cuddle with him. As they embrace, she puts her candle on the table, where it accidentally lights the fuse of one of the puddings. When René discovers this, he rushes upstairs with the lit pudding, meeting Edith, who has come downstairs from their bedroom. He hands her the pudding and puts it out with a soda spray, soaking Edith.

Herr Flick and Helga are preparing to free Von Smallhausen from under the church bell. It has taken one hour and they fear he has suffocated. Fortunately, they hear life signs from him and as they slip him a slice of ham through the crack under the bell, he quickly grabs it. Having tied a rope to the bell, they manage to pull the bell up and while doing this, herr Flick reveals to Helga that while suspended at the top of the tower, he saw the landmines in the builders yard next to René's café. When they have lifted the bell, they find Von Smallhausen looking squashed and as he is now below the minimum height required for Gestapo agents, herr Flick says he wants his resignation in the morning.

Colonel Von Strohm is practicing golf puts in his office, when lieutenant Gruber enters and tells him that he has not found the landmines. The next moment, Helga enters and tells them that herr Flick has found the landmines in the builders yard. This, the colonel will tell general Von Klinkerhoffen.

Mimi is writing the new menu for the café, but when Edith discovers René leaning over her to correct her spelling, she grumpily orders Mimi out into the kitchen. She then reveals to René that it is because she becomes jealous whenever she sees him with another woman. As they talk about their relationship and their feelings for each other, they are interrupted by Michelle, who knocks at the front door. When they have let her in, she tells them that the landmines will be transported to the warehouse, from which they will be flown to England, that same night, so the airmen must be inside them by six o'clock in the evening.

Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen go into the builders yard, where they find the landmines. They also discover that the explosives has been removed from them and that instead there are parachutes inside. They hide inside the landmines, in order to reveal themselves when they hear French voices around them, so they can capture and interrogate whoever is near. Meanwhile, captain Bertorelli is exercising his men in the town square, when Von Strohm, Gruber and Helga walk by, into the builders yard. When they find the landmines, the colonel orders for them to be delivered to the airbase and they decide that Bertorelli's men are to do it. Therefore, they go back into the town square and give them this task. The Italians are all lead into the yard, but when the soldiers learn that the mines are full of explosives, they all run away.

Edith brings Fanny her lunch and she complains about the British airmen. Edith assures her, that the airmen will be gone by the evening, but she still thinks the British are no good, after what they did to the French at Azincourt and to Napoleon and what the Scarlet Pimpernel did during the French revolution.

Michelle gathers René, monsieur LeClerc and Mimi in the backroom and tells them that the Germans have discovered the whereabouts of the landmines and taken them to the airbase. Since they know exactly where the mines are stored, the airmen will be delivered inside their barrels to the base. There, they can climb into the empty landmines. The barrels will be "disguised" as beer barrels for the officers' mess, but since no women are allowed in the base, René and LeClerc will have to make the delivery. They point out that they cannot go, due to the curfue, but Michelle says they will be escorted by officer Crabtree - who will be disguised as a policeman. While Yvette is down in the cellar, feeding the airmen, Michelle comes down and informs them of the plan.

That same night, René, LeClerc and Crabtree deliver the beer barrels and are easily let into the airbase. Meanwhile, herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen peek out of the mines, in which they are hidden, thinking they are in the headquarters of the resistance. They keep hiding, but will pop out when they hear voices in French. The next moment, the three Frenchmen enter the landmine store, with the barrels containing the airmen. Before they get out of the barrels and before the whole gang discover that the Gestapo agents are inside the empty landmines, they hear German voices approaching. René, LeClerc and Crabtree hide, while some workers come and remove the mines, to put them aboard a bomb plane. Now that the mission has failed, the three of them get out of the store and leave the airmen behind.

Two German air pilots are approaching England and think they should just drop the bombs in the sea and return, since they do not think it is worth it to risk their lives for "that carpet chewing house painter Hitler". Thinking they are free of the Gestapo, start singing a rather mean song about the German Nazi leaders, when herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen turn up outside the front window of the plane and the pilots find that the Gestapo are everywhere.

  • Note: This episode contains an anachronism. When Fanny is complaining about the British, Edith says "Mama, I always thought you voted conservative!" This episode is set sometime during the time 1941-1943 and French women were not allowed to vote until 1944 and 1945.