Maria Recamier
Series 1, 2, 3
Aliases Jorgé (René's nephew)
Appearances Small, long dark hair
Job/Position Waitress
Nationality French
Affiliation Collaborator (The Resistance)
Portrayed by Francesca Gonshaw

Maria Recamier was one of the waitresses that worked at Café René alongside Yvette Carte-Blanche. She worked in the café for the first three series before accidently posting herself to Switzerland in a red cross parcel. She is small with long black hair.

Job Edit

Maria was one of the waitresses that served the patrons of Cafe Rene in Nouvion. However, she also 'went upstairs' with German Officers, most notably Captain Hans Geering and Colonel Kurt Von Strohm, in return for butter, sugar and parrafin.

Like all the waitresses who worked in the café, she fell in love with René and hoped to marry him when the war was over. She was apparently oblivious to the fact that Rene was simultaneously having an affair with Yvette.

Work with the Resistance Edit

Maria, along with the rest of the staff at Cafe Rene, helped out the de Gaulle (the one with the big 'ooter) Resistance led by the mysterious Michelle Dubois. She was present during their many attempts to smuggle the two British Airmen, Fairfax and Carstairs back to England.

Disguise and identities Edit

To help out the resistance or hide, on several occasions she was required to disguise herself as a small boy (as René's nephew Jorgé) by putting her hair under a cap and wearing a blazer and tie. She did however leave her stockings and suspenders on and her make-up.[1][2]

Disappearance To SwitzerlandEdit

It was during an attempt to tunnel into a British Prisoner of War camp in France that Maria, in an audacious attempt to escape back to the cafe, disguised herself as a Red Cross Parcel and posted herself in the mail room of the camp. Unfortunately, she did not put enough postage on the Parcel and was returned to Switzerland. She was never seen nor heard from again.

When Rene and the gang finally did escape back to the Cafe, Rene lit a candle for Maria but after 3 seconds, unceremoniously blew it out.

Her position as waitress was taken by Mimi Labonq.


Maria had an unfortunate habit of pronouncing the letter "R" in a loud way which also caused her to spit on whoever she was talking to. This she apparently couldn't help and would become visibly annoyed when whoever she had been speaking to would wipe themselves down after she spoke.

Reference Edit

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