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René is practicing his piano playing, since monsieur LeClerc has been arrested by the Gestapo. Edith comes down with her sheet music and as she wants to practice, they sing a song together. When she tells him she wants to marry him again, he points out that Denise Laroque is still around, wanting to marry him.

At herr Flick's headquarters, Von Smallhausen tells him that he has caught the pillow stuffer, after which two soldiers bring in monsieur LeClerc. Herr Flick wants to search his trousers and after talking about it for a while, he orders Von Smallhausen to "remove the trousers". Von Smallhausen then pulls down his own pants, so herr Flick has to tell him to do it on "the prisoner". LeClerc pulls down his own trousers, revealing that there is no money inside. Herr Flick asks for it, but LeClerc knows nothing of it. Herr Flick has him locked up anyway.

Colonel Von Strohm, captain Bertorelli and lieutenant Gruber are all gathered in the colonel's office, where he receives a telephone call from general Von Klinkerhoffen, informing him that two landmines have been stolen. Soon after this, Helga enters with serious news. She tells them that LeClerc has been arrested and that if the money is not returned, he will be taken into the town square and shot. The colonel thinks the solution to this is easy - René just has to return the money anonymously and he therefore asks Bertorelli where the money is. He informs them that it is hidden in the café's oven. As the colonel suspects that René might know something about the stolen mines, he asks Gruber to try to get this information out of him.

Edith walks into the kitchen of the café and is surprised to find her mother in there. Fanny tells her that she has been "starving" for too long in her room and has come downstairs to cook herself a baked potato. When René comes in and learns about this, he becomes concerned. When it turns out that Fanny has taken the potato that was concealed behind the cistern in the bathroom, he panics, since that is the camera in which the spy camera is hidden and it is now being baked in the oven, where the forged money is stuffed. As he gets it out, both the potato camera and the money have burned to ashes. When René has tried to tell Fanny off, Yvette comes in and tells him that officer Crabtree is in the café, asking for him.

Crabtree shows René (and the rest of the café gang) a poster, in which it is revealed that LeClerc will be shot unless the money is returned within 24 hours. Yvette suggests they forge more money to give to the Gestapo but René points out that it is the forger who is imprisoned. Mimi points out that LeClerc might reveal them all. The next moment, Gruber is approaching the café and Crabtree leaves by the back passage in the kitchen.

Gruber asks René to return the money to herr Flick, but René tells him what has happened to it. Gruber then asks if he knows anything of the whereabouts of the stolen landmines (which René assures him he does not), because if they are returned, he could very well work out LeClerc's release. When Gruber has left the café, René and Yvette soon go across the town square to where Michelle is staying with the British airmen and the landmines. She tells the airmen of the plan, which is for them to hide inside the landmines and then, when they are dropped over England, quickly unscrew the nuts that keep the lids on, get out and drop by parachute. As they are practicing this, René and Yvette come in and tells Michelle that they must give the landmines back to the Germans. She refuses and asks them to return the money instead, but when they tell her what has happened to it, she decides they must contact London for help. Fairfax manages to get out of his mine, but when he pulls the rip cord of his parachute, the whole chute falls off, which makes him less keen on the whole bomb dropping idea.

Helga announces herr Flick to the colonel's office. He informs the three officers in there that orders have come from Berlin that they are to assemble a firing squad to execute monsieur LeClerc in the town square at seven o'clock the next morning. When herr Flick has left, the discuss who is to do it and it is decided, that Bertorelli's troop will act as the firing squad.

The next morning, the squad walks into the town square, while the café gang and officer Crabtree are waiting in the café. It turns out, they asked London for more forged francs, which were to be dropped during the night and picked up by Crabtree, but it was dark, cloudy and foggy, so he has not found the money. The next moment, monsieur LeClerc is dragged into the town square and herr Flick announces that if the money is not returned within two minutes, he will be shot. As the squad are preparing themselves, the café gang come outside, where they find Michelle, who tells them that she has markswomen pointing guns at monsieur LeClerc, in order to shoot him if he wants to talk. As he says he will, the woman shoots but misses. The next moment, airplanes are heard overhead and just before the shooting is to take place, the RAF drop the forged money. As the bank notes are dropped and come floating down individually, the firing squad and everybody in the town square start grabbing as much money is they can.