Monsieur Alfonse
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Job/Position Undertaker & Deputy Mayor
Nationality French
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Portrayed by Kenneth Connor

Monsieur Alfonse is a fictional character in the BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo!, which ran from 1982 to 1992. He was played by actor Kenneth Connor.

Character overviewEdit

Monsieur Alfonse is half-french/half-belgian[1] local of Nouvion' and the towns undertaker, first being seen when local hero René Artois fakes his own death. Alfonse quickly falls in love with the latter's wife, Edith, and René has to propose to Edith or lose his café as everyone believes he is dead.

Alfonse also has a small fortune in a Swiss bank account; therefore, Edith's mother agrees with the match, as Alfonse would make a better husband financially.

The undertaker's catchphrase is "Swiftly and with style", while announcing his services. In addition, he also has a "dicky ticker", which comes on every time something stressful (or arousing) happens, and also suffers from the less publicised "tricky truss". He admires René for all the brave work he does for the Resistance, and agrees to admire Edith from afar. When he finds out about René's affair with waitress Yvette he tells Edith, but René manages to fob her off with another excuse.

Business Edit

Alfonse seem to be involved in businesses or projects that makes good money. His main profession is a undertaker, where he run his own mortuary. This is located just across the prisoner war camp. Other business are a butcher shop andhe is also involved in barber-business. Once he is also seen working, possibly a manager, on the vineyard next to the Chateau[2]. In a conversation with Edith he also mention once he have 5000 shares in Volkswagen [3]

Talents and abilitiesEdit

Monsieur Alfonse, despite being a boring, dull undertaker, is a very talented man.

  • Swordsmanship: Monsieur Alfonse is a master swordsman, capable of holding his own against the extremely skilled Roger Leclerc and also briefly fighting off his imminent opponents during the Battle of Nouvion, before his untimely death.
  • Marksman: Monsieur Alfonse is a highly capable marksman with the eye of a hawk and the accuracy of a heat-seeking missile. he might have drawn against Rene, even if Rene chickened out at the last second.
  • Photography: Monsieur Alfonse is a skilled photographer, with an extremely sharp timing and pinpoint accuracy.
  • Vehicular skills: Monsieur Alfonse specialises, mainly, on his small hearse with a small horse. He even drove it into the fray during the Battle of Nouvion.


  • Monsieur Alfonse's mortuary is located across the road from a german war camp containing british airmen and soldiers[4].
  • The mortuary's telephone number is Nouvion 302.[5]


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