René, Edith, Yvette, Mimi and monsieur Alfonse are all in the café. Edith is crying after having found out that the wedding is not legal due to Crabtree's posing as the priest. René reminds them all about his situation: the communist resistance will not take it lightly when Denise Laroque escapes from the mine shaft Michelle is holding her in. As they are all discussing the situation, Michelle turns up and informs them that Denise has escaped. The next moment, a member of the communist resistance storms into the cafe and shoots a series of bullets over the bar. When she has gone, Edith bends over René, exclaiming he is dead. He protests, but she urges him to pretend that he is, in order to make the communists think so.

A while later, lieutenant Gruber informs colonel Von Strohm of this event. As they discuss this, Helga announces an old man, with a big beard, who claims to be René's father. When the four of them are alone in the colonel's office, the old man reveals himself to be René himself. He explains why it was not a proper wedding and asks the colonel for protection from the communists. The colonel has two guards throw him out, but then instructs Helga, carrying a gun, to follow René and protect him since he has still not revealed where the missing paintings are hidden. If he is shot, she is to pay close attention to his last words, which will hopefully concern the whereabouts of the paintings.

René goes to herr Flick's office and asks him to lock him up for a few days. Herr Flick also refuses, but after René has left, he instructs Von Smallhausen to follow him, since he could lead them to the communist resistance. René goes to the police station and asks Crabtree to lock him up. Crabtree first asks if he has committed any crime. René tells him he will confess to anything as long as he will be locked up, but unfortunately, all the cells are full.

Edith brings food to her mother and she mentions her old clock, which she has sent to be repaired. It was supposed to be a wedding gift to Edith, but when it is returned, Fanny wants it up in her room, partly because it has sentimental value to her, partly because she wants to be able to tell the time. Meanwhile, the British airmen turn up at the police station, trying to give themselves in. Soon they realise that Crabtree is behind the desk and he urges them not to. They complain that Michelle's resistance is not doing a very good job at getting them back to England and Crabtree agrees. He is considering getting in touch with the communist resistance, since they have more "go" in them.

Edith, Yvette, Mimi and monsieur LeClerc are all cleaning the café, when René, still disguised as an old man with a big beard, enters. The next moment, a package is delivered. As it is ticking, René believes it to be a bomb and throws it into the bucket of cleaning water, drowning it. Edith angrily tells him that it is her mother's clock and the delivery man says it will take another week to have it repaired. When he has left, Yvette notices a new "woman of the street" in the square and she and Mimi go out to ask her what she is doing on "their territory". They then discover that it is Helga, in disguise to protect René. They bring her into the café, where this is also revealed to Edith and René. René does not think she should be doing it, because it is rather dangerous. It turns out Helga has protection of her own - both a gun and a "pimp". As she calls this "pimp" inside, it turns out to be Gruber, disguised in a suit. René then tells the two Germans where the paintings are and they all sit down to discuss plans. Doing this, they share a bottle of wine. It turns out the bottle was delivered to the café from "a friend". When LeClerc accidentally spills some of the wine on the table, it turns out to be acid. René decides to flee for the moment. When the others try to stop him, he holds them at gunpoint and leaves the café. Outside one of Denise's assistants is waiting for him. She pulls him into the back of a lorry, waiting in the square. Inside, René meets up with Denise, who tells him that she knows he is innocent concerning the failed wedding and the it is the women of the café she should kill. For the moment Denise reveals that she is going to the party conference in Lyon; she has been nominated to party chairman. On her return, she will get her revenge on the female members of the café. As a German patrol is approaching, René is pushed out of the lorry, which drives away.

  • Note: When the people in the café are about to share the wine, the acid spot on the table can be seen even before the wine has been poured.
  • Note: Richard Gibson and John Louis Mansi are credited in the opposite order that they appear in the episode.
  • Note: As Crabtree is talking to the British airmen, it is one of the few occasions when Crabtree is speaking English in the series.
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