Nouvion is a small town, located in the northwest of France, close to the coastline. The town is the center of most events in the series Allo Allo. Café René is a central location in the town, of where the café-owner René Artois is running his business together with Edith Artois. One of the main situations in the series is the presence of German soldiers, who have occupied the area during the Second World War.

German Occupation Edit

During the Second World War the Germans have occupied Nouvion, presumably for strategic reasons because the location is very close to the British coastline across the channel. General Von Klinkerhoffen is currently the person in charge of all military operations in the area.

The Germans have acquired several sites in the area for private living and locations in order to run their military operations. This includes the Chateau, a military headquarters, a secret Gestapo headquarters and a prison war camp outside the central town.

Local business Edit

Notice Edit

  • Nouvion is a real town, located in northern France. However, the location in the series Allo Allo is filmed in Norfolk, England.
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