René and monsieur Leclerc are still being held by the communist Resistance. Their meal is interrupted, when the leader Denise Laroque comes with the rest of the girls to interrogate René, who is tied up between to posts. When René hears her name, he thinks it rings a bell and as he asks about it, they become even more suspicious of him, thinking he knows more than is good for him. When Denise goes behind him, she happens to see a birthmark on his back. She mentions having seen this mark before and tells everybody the sad story of how her childhood sweetheart carried this mark. It turns out he took half of her medal for gymnastics and let her keep the other half. She still carries her half around her neck and it turns out René has the other half around his. She is overjoyed at seeing him again and decides to keep him there.

In the town square, lieutenant Gruber is very angry about his tank being stolen and demands an explanation. He is even more puzzled, when he finds out that Edith and the girls were the ones who took it. Edith then reveals that René has been captured by the communist resistance. When he learns about this, he becomes very understanding and tells officer Crabtree that he will take full responsibility for the demolishing of the town convenience.

The two British airmen go down into the café and discuss their situation. They both think they would be better off, if they found a German officer and gave themselves up, because then they would be put in a proper prisoner of war camp, where they would receive letters from home, Red Cross parcels etcetera. When Edith and the girls discover them, they try to make them go back upstairs, but as they do not speak each other's languages, they misunderstand this. Two German soldiers enter the café, but since they are officers, they will not surrender to privates. Instead, they go out into the town square. Edith then sends Mimi after Crabtree, so somebody can talk with them.

Herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen are sitting in Flick's headquarters, playing cards, when Helga comes in. After she has been allowed to kiss herr Flick, Von Smallhausen is sent away. Helga then reports that she is making progress with Gruber, even being allowed to shift the gear in his tank and look at his big gun.

At the sawmill, René and LeClerc are dressed in civilian clothes. Sine Denise has decided that René is her "destiny", she will not let them go, and she even informs René, that she has decided to marry him. The wedding will take place the following Saturday, after they have stolen the necessary clothes, kidnapped the priest and commandeered the church. René agrees to this and makes Denise allow him to return home, while waiting for Saturday and the wedding.

The airmen are sitting in the square, waiting for somebody to give themselves up to, while monsieur Alfonse comes along in his hearse and goes into the café with flowers for Edith. Soon, general Von Klinkerhoffen and colonel Von Strohm show up and take fruit (some peaches) from the local fruit merchant, without paying. The general complains to the colonel that he is too lenient with the French "peasants" and encourages him to be much more firm with them. The airmen approach these German officers to surrender to them, but they think they are French peasants and whip them away. They also try to surrender to captain Bertorelli, who is visiting the café, but this also fails. Hence they leave him.

Monsieur Alfonse comes upstairs, to madame Fanny, to ask her for Edith's hand in marriage. At first, she says no, since she is worried about what will happen to her, when Edith has left the café. After bargaining a bit with her, she consents to their wedding. Meanwhile, René returns to the café and is greeted by Yvette. She asks him when he will tell his wife that he is going to marry her (Yvette) and he answers "I will tell her that there are marriage plans afoot". Yvette, thinking he is finally going to tell Edith of their plans, goes upstairs to tell her that René is back. When monsieur Alfonse hears about this, his "dicky ticker" starts giving him trouble and he falls down on the bed, over madame Fanny. As René comes into the room, he tells Edith that "it has been arranged for him to marry the next Saturday morning". Edith and Yvette both think they are the bride-to-be and they both sigh with happiness. As René desperately tries to reveal who he is going to marry, Yvette leaves the room, not to put too much preassure on him. He then manages to reveal that he is forced to marry Denise Laroque. This makes Edith very upset and as Yvette comes in at that moment, she naturally thinks she is upset because René has revealed that he will marry her. When she talks about this and says she "will make him a wonderful wife", Edith becomes angry at learning this new information and as the situation has become as complicated as it is, René faints.

  • Note: In this episode, one of the communist resistance girls is played by Phoebe Scholfield, who has earlier played Henriette, one of Michelle's resistance girls.
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