René is testing wine to choose a house wine for the café. Soon after Edith has come out and joined him, Yvette opens the door to the backroom, telling them that Michelle wants to see them there. She is disguised as a builder, pretending to repair their window while talking to them. When Edith points out that it is not broken, Michelle breaks one of the panes and starts pretending to mend it. She informs them that when they stole the landmines, they had to remove 1,000 kilograms of explosives from them. This explosives has been hidden in a pudding factory, but unfortunately, the Germans are about to requisition the factory, so they have to remove it. The resistance have decided to move it to the café and disguise it as 500 Christmas puddings. René is not very keen on the idea, but is forced to agree, when monsieur Alfonse calls him on the phone.

At colonel Von Strohm's office, lieutenant Gruber is pouring him some water for a hot foot bath, since his boots are bad for his feet. As Helga comes in and tells them that general Von Klinkerhoffen is outside, the colonel hides behind the curtains, trying to put his boots on, while Gruber tries to hide the bowl of water (but puts it on the colonel's chair) and then receives the general. He does not manage to lie to the general about the colonel's whereabouts and the general discovers him behind the curtains, with no boots on. He tries to explain this by saying, that he is exercising to prepare for the invasion of England.

The general tells them that the führer is very upset about hearing about the missing landmines. As they tell him they have reported it to the Gestapo, the general says it is not good enough and that they must take action. Meanwhile, Herr Flick receives a telephone call from Hitler himself in his headquarters, when Von Smallhausen enters the room. When Herr Flick has hung up the receiver, he tells Von Smallhausen that they are expected to find the missing landmines. As Herr Flick has heard that there are strange things going on in the café's larder, he has devised a plan, according to which they will observe it from the nearby church tower.

Monsieur Alfonse comes to the café with his hearse. As he enters the café, he first asks for a cognac and then has two men bring in a coffin, in which he informs the café gang that there are 58 puddings hidden. Meanwhile, Fanny has come downstairs to go for a walk. As usual, she becomes very upset to see the undertaker, since she is not ready to die yet. She rushes upstairs again. René does not want the coffin, but since there are Germans approaching, they are forced to quickly hide it in his cellar. Monsieur Alfonse tells him that he has another five coffins with a total of 290 puddings in them. René manages to prevent him from bringing them to the café. As monsieur Alfonse is leaving, Fanny throws flower pots at him from a window on the first floor and he quickly drives away in his hearse. Meanwhile, Helga enters Herr Flick's headquarters looking for him. He and Von Smallhausen then reveal themselves - disguised as monks.

Edith sings a song at the café, driving away all the customers. She blames the pianist and drives him away. After this, she is very upset and asks for smelling salts. Since they have run out, René tells her to stuff mothballs up her nose. She goes upstairs to do this, and René and Yvette have time for a quick cuddle in the café. They are soon interrupted by officer Crabtree, who delivers another two puddings. After he has left through the back passage, Edith comes down feeling very refreshed. The next moment, a girl, looking rather pregnant, enters the café. It seems as though René is the guilty one and when five more girls, in the same state, enter the café, both Edith and Yvette become very suspicious. It turns out that the girls come from the resistance and have two puddings each under their cloaks. Monsieur LeClerc tries to deliver another seven to the café, but René drives him away.

The airmen are practicing their escape and when René comes in to them, Michelle tells him that they will leave that same night, but that René must hide them in his cellar until then. When René says he wants no part of it, Michelle urges him at gunpoint to do it. The airmen, looking like French peasants, are brought to the café.

Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen have entered the church tower, but find no way to get up to the small windows through which they will spy, even when putting on their "magnifying hats" (helmets with binoculars attached to them). They do discover the bell ropes and try to ascend by climbing them. This results in their flying up and down for a while, after which Herr Flick finds himself hanging by the belfry, when Helga enters the room. He tries to get down and eventually does so, by swinging himself down by the bell rope. At the same time, one of the bells falls down - over Von Smallhausen, trapping him underneath it.

  • Note: In this episode, René does not give the audience a résumé of the last episode, but tells it to his wife instead.
  • Note: In this episode, we once again find Phoebe Scholfield playing one of Michelle's resistance girls, after she has played a communist resistance girl a few episodes earlier.


Fanny: (throwing flower pots at the hearse which she thinks has come for her) "Tell ze doctor I want a second opinion!"

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