René has concealed the real paintings in Mimi's nappy and the forgeries behind the beams where the originals used to be hidden. After he has informed the audience of this, the Germans and the Italians are lead into the barn by the communist resistance. Colonel Von Strohm tells them that monsieur LeClerc was the one who showed them the way to the barn and Denise therefore threatens to shoot him. He pleads for his life and René then convinces Denise to demand a ransom for the prisoners instead of shooting them. Herr Flick and Helga observe them and then return to herr Flick's headquarters.

Edith is in the town square buying food, when officer Crabtree comes up to her and says he wishes to give her a message. She therefore asks him to come into the café, on the way to which he exchanges a few words with the two British airmen, who are enjoying a glass of wine at an outdoor café table. When Edith enters the café, she finds Yvette crying over René. The next moment, Crabtree comes in and tells them that René has been captured by "the kimminist resostance", upsetting the two women. The second after this, Michelle comes in through the backroom door and also tells them René has been captured. She is soon followed by monsieur Alfonse (coming in through the front door) who also tells them that René has been captured.

They all go upstairs to contact London on the radio. As they do so and Michelle wants to speak to "Kingfisher", it turns out he is out for lunch and they are urged to call back in ten minutes. While waiting, Michelle tells them of her plan, which is to have the RAF bomb the sawmill, wiping out the communist resistance, some German officers and an Italian platoon in one blow. When they point out to her, that René is at the mill, she declares that he has to be sacrificed, in order to get so many of their enemies as they will do.

Lieutenant Gruber, colonel Von Strohm and captain Bertorelli are sitting with their arms tied behind their backs. René comes in and informs them that he has managed to convince the communists not to shoot them, but to ask for a ransom for them instead. The price will be one million francs for the Germans and ten cans of baked beans for the Italian. They ask him if he has recovered the original paintings and he tells them no. When they urge him to get them, he picks down the forgeries, which he placed behind the beams earlier and stuffs them down Gruber's trousers - the Germans and the Italian thinking they are the originals.

René and Leclerc leave the sawmill, but are forced to leave Mimi behind with the communists. After having returned to the café, René telephones general Von Klinkerhoffen and demands the ransom of one million francs for the officers. The general does not care about them and refuses to pay. Secondly, it is all very well that René and monsieur LeClerc are safe from the RAF bombing of the barn, but Mimi is still there and so are the original paintings. René urges Michelle to stop the bombing, but she cannot, since the battery to the radio is flat. Therefore, they must hurry to find the money for the ransom themselves. As monsieur Alfonse is unwilling to lend them his money and monsieur LeClerc cannot forge that much money with such short notice, Michelle comes up with a plan to steal the money from the bank, taking advantage of monsieur LeClerc's being the greatest "safe cracker" in all France. At first, René refuses to rob the bank, but they others convince him to do it. They then agree to meet at the bank at midnight. Meanwhile, herr Flick and Helga are sitting in his headquarters. Herr Flick telephones the general and tries to fool him into paying two million for the ransom, which he also refuses.

At midnight, Michelle, René, Yvette, Edith and monsieurs LeClerc and Alfonse enter the bank. Michell will keep watch (and hoot like an owl if somebody is coming), while the others get into the vault. Soon, Crabtree joins them, as LeClerc manages to open the door to the vault (by using a stethoscope), and he is told to keep watch together with Michelle. In the vault, they look for money and find all sorts of things in the different safe boxes. Suddenly, the door accidentally closes, trapping them all in the vault. Yvette becomes a bit claustrophobic, but manages to snap out of it. LeClerc attempts to blow open the door from the inside, but as the lightbulb in the vault starts fading and then goes out, he needs another source of light. René finds a matchbox, but there turns out to be only one unused match left in it. When he lights it, they must keep the fire burning somehow and grabs monsieur Alfonse's deposit box with all his money. In desperation, he sees his money burning, but this lets monsieur LeClerc blow open the door, so they can get out of to vault to the waiting Michelle and Crabtree.

  • Note: In this episode, Michelle's codename when calling London on the radio is revealed to be "Bluetit".
  • Banque (pronounced bonk) is actually french for bank
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