This article contains episode listings for the fifth series of the British Sitcom series 'Allo 'Allo!.

The series contains twenty-six episodes which first aired between 3 September 1988 and 25 February 1989.

Series 5 is longer than any of the other series, and contains almost a third of the total number of episodes. The series was made with a view to airing the show in the US, so episodes were shortened to 25 minutes to allow for commercial breaks; and twenty-six episodes were commissioned to tie in with the American tradition of having "seasons", rather than the typical British "series" of six to eight episodes. Due to these changes, two episodes were written by different writers; the director's role was shared between four people; and not all of the secondary characters appear in each of the series' episodes. Series 5 also sees the first appearances of the Communist Resistance girls Denise Laroque and Louise; and the last appearance of Jack Haig (who died in the time between the fifth and sixth series) as Monsieur Roger LeClerc.

The following episode names are the ones found on the British R2 DVDs (since the series is British)

  1. Desperate Doings in the Dungeon
  2. The Camera In The Potato
  3. Dinner with the General
  4. The Dreaded Circular Saw
  5. Otherwise Engaged
  6. A Marriage Of Inconvenience
  7. No Hiding Place
  8. The Arrival of the Homing Duck
  9. Watch The Birdie
  10. René - Under an Assumed Nose
  11. The Confusion of the Generals
  12. Who's for the Vatican?
  13. Ribbing The Bonk
  14. The Reluctant Millionaires
  15. A Duck For Launch
  16. The Exploding Bedpan
  17. Going Like A Bomb
  18. Money To Burn
  19. Puddings Can Go Off
  20. Land Mines For London
  21. Flight To Geneva
  22. Train Of Events
  23. An Enigma Variation
  24. Wedding Bloss
  25. Down The Drain
  26. All In Disgeese
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