After having been thrown out of the lorry, René goes to inform the women of the café of the threat against them. On the way, he is stopped by herr Von Smallhausen, disguised as a doomsday prophet. He asks René if the people in the lorry were the communist resistance, which he assures him they were not. Then, officer Crabtree comes along and tells Von Smallhausen to go away. After he has left, Crabtree informs René that he has the airmen locked up in a cell at the police station, but he can only keep them there for 24 hours and he will return them to him as soon as possible. René then goes into the café and informs Edith and the girls that Denise intends to kill them, because they screwed up the wedding. Edith then decides to flee to Spain, wearing a disguise. After she has gone to pick out one, Helga and Gruber also leave the café.

Von Smallhausen brings herr Flick a photograph of the communist resistance; it is not very good, since the only thing seen in it is a hand. As there are 50 million people in France, and most of them would have two hands, there would be roughly about 100 million hands and it will take some time to identify the one in the picture. Herr Flick urges herr Von Smallhausen to begin.

Helga goes back to colonel Von Strohm and informs him that René is safe and that the paintings are hidden in the communist resistance headquarters. General Von Klinkerhoffen enters the room and first mistakes Helga for a "woman of the street", since she is dressed as one. When she explains who she is and why she is dressed in this manner, the general learns that they have located the missing paintings, but cannot reveal exactly where they are. Helga wants to go to her office to change clothes (into uniform), but the general orders her to change right there in the colonel's office, which she does. Meanwhile, he reveals to the colonel that some generals will be coming to the chateau to discuss the plans for invading England. As the colonel is watching Helga change and the general sees this through a mirror, they accidentally, by freudian slips, drop inuendous words into the conversation about the plans.

René and Yvette have a quick cuddle in the larder, but are interrupted by Michelle, looking through the window. She informs them that the generals will be at the chateau and that this will give them a perfect opportunity to photograph the invasion plans, since René will do the catering. Before they have very much chance of protesting, she disappears. René and Yvette then try to have a little cuddle again, but are once again interrupted, this time by monsieur Alfonse, who is bringing flowers to Edith. Since she has decided to flee, Mimi meanwhile tries a little singing in her place in the café, where monsieur LeClerc is providing the music. The others come out and see her, thinking she sings quite well. When Edith hears it from upstairs, she is very upset that anybody but her sings at the café. She angrily comes down - disguised as her own mother. Soon her mother starts calling for her. Mimi then politely offers to sing in her place - which Edith does not agree to.

Later, while the airmen are sitting in their cell, discussing the war and their situation, monsieur Alfonse goes into Fanny's room, thinking it is Edith lying in the bed, and declares her love to her. He receives quite a shock when he finds out that it is actually her mother, who is lying in the bed.

Two soldiers bring Helga into herr Flick's room. He makes her iron his shirt while she informs him of the generals' meeting at the chateau. She is also allowed to kiss him and then accidentally leaves the iron lying down and almost puts the shirt on fire. Meanwhile, René and Mimi have a little cuddle in the backroom, when René finds out that Mimi has handgranades hidden in her bosom as protection from assassination by the communist resistance. They are interrupted by Michelle, who reveals that the RAF have sent a long-distance duck to carry the photographs of the invasion plans back to England. After she has left, Yvette calls René out into the café, where he is met by Crabtree. He delivers a message from the airmen that there is too much garlic in their food and that they want René to deliver them a food parcel. The next moment, and old duck seller with a big beard comes into the café. The seller tries to give the impression he is LeClerc, but René is not fooled by this, partly because LeClerc is already in the café, partly because the disguise is not very good. It turns out to be Edith, who is delivering the long-distance duck in a basket.

René quickly forces her and Crabtree out through the kitchen, when colonel Von Strohm, lieutenant Gruber and private Geerhart (Helga) enter the café. They inform René that the general is eager to find the paintings. They want to give him some forgeries and claim they are the originals. This will give them time to find the real paintings, but if René does not show them where they are, he will be cut out of the deal with the paintings. They are planning to ambush the communist headquarters to retrieve them. The next moment, captain Bertorelli enters, having returned from Italy with a small platoon of lazy Italian criminals, who seem the just the kind of "ruthless men" they are looking for to perform this ambush. When they have inspected the platoon - who claim to be very mean and tough - they inform them of the ambush. Bertorelli is honored that they want his men for the assignment, but the platoon do not like the idea and scatter to avoid it.


Edith: (after hearing Mimi singing from upstairs) "WHO IS THAT SINGING MY SONG?!"

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