The Battle of Nouvion was the final, decisive struggle to save France, happening amid the Normandy Landings. Once the Allies stormed Nouvion, a full-scale all-out war broke out within the district and spread across France, shattering the town. The participants were the Communists (Led by Denise Laroque), the Gendarmes (Led by Officer Crabtree), the Ressistance (Led by Michelle ) and the Allies (Led by Fairfax and Carstairs) versus the Germans (Led by General von Klinkerhoffen), the Gestapo (Led by Herr Flick) and the Italians (Led by Captain Bertorelli). The Nazis, hopelessly outnumbered, fought directly to the last man, the Communists Ressistance were wiped out and the Allies crushed the Nazis, liberating France for good.


First, the Normandy Landings transpired, then the Allies advanced through Calais, Mortain, and Paris before they reached Nouvion. Meanwhile, Rene Artois, his wife Edith, his assistant, Monsieur LeClerc, and his waitresses, Mimi and Yvette, debated with the French Ressistance that they were to join the Allies against the Germans, before the Communists were the first to strike. Denise Laroque led an immense force of warriors through the Chateau and tore it to pieces, killing every General, apart from Von Klinkerhoffen, present, before proceeding into the hangars and sending fighters into the sky to crush the Luftwaffe.

Then the Gendarme Police Force, led by Officer Crabtree, joined the Communists and destroyed the German bunkers on the Outskirts of Nouvion, massacring every German inside, before moving on to the millitary camps, freeing every prisoner, which (If able) joined the fight against the Nazis. There was a colossal shootout at the POW Camps and the sites were destroyed before the combined forces of the Gendarmes, Communists and the Prisoners Of War joined forces with the British and American and moved on to the Town Square.

The French Ressistance joined in and the Germans sent every man into the fray, the civillians brought out whatever they could use as a weapon (Axes, swords, knives, forks, rifles, clubs, chains, whips, revolvers, sawed-off shotguns etc.) and also joined up. Michelle of the Ressistance was killed straight away, in an Italian ambush, before Captain Bertorelli came into the fray, before Denise Laroque killed him with an overpowering spray of gunfire. Monsieur Alfonse entered the fray riding on his horse-pulled hearse, charged and killed Herr Flick, who had just come to surrender to the Allies. Von Smallhaussen retreated into the woods and the Germans never saw him again. Unfortunately, General von Klinkerhoffen managed to kill Monsieur Alfonse, before the hearse driverlessly charged further on, trampling the Italians to death.

General von Klinkerhoffen moved in to surrender to the Allies, desperate not to cause any more bloodshed. He was only on his way to a British camp, before Denise Laroque shadowed, shot and killed him at a range of five thousand metres, before Lieutennant Gruber killed her and her companion, Louise. After that, the Communists were slaughtered. The battle ensued further across France, and the Germans were driven into the sea. Completely outnumbered, the Germans prepared a white flag. The battle started with nine hundred Germans and half as much Italians. At the end of the battle, there were now only a hundred Germans left. The RAF moved in, the cemeteries overflowed and the British moved on to shatter the Nazis.

Nouvion was rebuilt and thrived in freedom more than any other place in the world after the War.


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