René is imprisoned in the dungeon, disguised as "Irma Von Kinkenrotten" in women's undergarments. Lieutenant Gruber comes in, still dressed as a Gestapo agent, to rescue him. Since Herr Flick (with whom René has switched places), was captured as a woman, René must leave as a woman and Gruber has therefore brought him a woman's uniform.

Herr Flick rewards Helga with a certificate ("the Gestapo certificate of special merit") for helping him to escape. After she has been allowed to show her gratitude by kissing him, he tells her of the plot to blow up Hitler, that he and Von Smallhausen have overheard. Because it appears General Von Klinkerhoffen, Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber are in it, Helga is to report all conversation between these three to Herr Flick.

At the café, monsieur Alfonse brings flowers for Edith. The next moment, Yvette tells them Michelle is in the back room, wanting to see them - thus, they go in there. She tells them (Edith, Alfonse, Yvette and Mimi) that René is safe and that she has brought the spy camera sent by London. She asks about film for it, and is informed that Yvette will pose for the colonel in her underwear and Mimi will steal the film from his camera, while Yvette is so distracting him. The next moment, there is a knock on the window, and René is let in. Michelle then demonstrates the spy camera, which is disguised as a potato. The next time somebody at the chateau orders food, they will deliver it, find the safe and photograph it. Then, they will give the film to monsieur Alfonse, who has fluids to develop it with.

Later that same day, René and Mimi are having a quick cuddle in the café, and after Edith has walked in on them and she has received an explanation, officer Crabtree enters. He has brought a bag in which there is a cake. Crabtree utters the famous line 'in my bog I have a kak'. It turns out this cake contains the new batteries for the radio. Two of the candles are the terminals and he asks René to guess which is plus and which is minus. He guesses one right and grabs it, but as he guesses the other one wrong, Crabtree grabs the right one. As René then hands him a coffee spoon, they form a circuit and get electrocuted. When Edith tries to separate them, she also becomes part of the circuit, which is not broken until Mimi hits Crabtree on the head. Then, he can finally go to install the batteries and take back his bicycle, which they have been using as a dynamo.

In the evening Gruber sings and plays the piano at the café while Helga and Kurt enter, the colonel with his camera. They are not to dine together since Helga has been ordered by general Von Klinkerhoffen to join him at the café. She is therefore given a table by the window, while the colonel sits down at another table. Awaiting Yvette, he lets Mimi take care of his camera (meaning she can steal the film in it). The next moment, Herr Flick enters the café, somewhat grumpy, because Helga has stood him up. He arrests her to be "interrogated" and leaves with her. Meanwhile, the colonel's camera has been prepared, so Yvette takes him upstairs to be photographed. As the general arrives, the news of Herr Flick's arresting of Helga makes him very cross, though he is determined not to have his evening ruined and so, he orders wine and another girl to be his companion for the evening. Edith makes some attempts to flirt with him, but he is not impressed with her. He asks for a better looking girl, but René tells him she is busy upstairs. His only reply is "Nobody is too busy for a general" and he goes upstairs, looking for her. Soon, he barges in on the colonel taking pictures of Yvette, and orders him to go away, but to "leave the helmet and the goggles"!

Later in the evening, René, Mimi and Yvette are to deliver food parcels to the château, where René is to photograph the safe. Michelle instructs him on where they think the safe is and monsieur Alfonse brings them there in one of his hearses. Before they leave, monsieur LeClerc tells them all, that the RAF will bomb the German troops in Nouvion later in the night.

At the château, Mimi and Yvette go to the kitchen, while René looks for the room where the safe is. He happens to go into Gruber's room, just as he is having a bubble bath. At first, René does not see him, but as he accidentally makes a noise, Gruber discovers him and becomes very glad at this unexpected surprise. He asks René to stay awhile and, after having got out of his bath and put on a robe, spots the potato camera. Thinking it is a real potato, he suggests René roast it by the fire and sticks it on a roasting fork. René becomes somewhat desperate when Gruber wants to cut the potato in half, but he is suddenly interrupted by an air raid warning signal. He then hides in his wardrobe and asks René to join him. René instead locks him in it and as he tries to get out, the whole wardrobe moves. René then discovers the safe behind the wardrobe and grabs the camera to take a picture. Meanwhile Gruber happens to move the wardrobe back in front of the safe. René manages to get him out of the way, take a picture with the spy camera and then spin the wardrobe around, before leaving the room.

During the credits, the bomb shells from the RAF air raid can be seen exploding in the town square.

  • Note: Rose Hill (Fanny La Fan), John D. Collins (Fairfax) and Nicholas Frankau (Carstairs) are credited in the end credits, even though they do not appear in the episode.
  • Note: This episode may be the origin of the "recorded with a potato" meme on YouTube's comments criticizing the video's quality due to it being heavily pixelated.
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