Once again, René's life is in danger, so he packs a suitcase and gets dressed to escape. Edith and Yvette try to talk him out of it, but they fail. As he is leaving the café, lieutenant Gruber comes along and informs him that he has told general Von Klinkerhoffen that it was the French general who tried to blow up herr Flick. The general then suspects the French general to be behind the attempted "poisoning" too and René is in the clear. When Gruber has left, looking for the French general, Edith asks René why he did not tell him that they have the general in their cellar. René tells her that it was because he does not want the Germans to suspect they have been hiding the general. Edith then comes up with the idea of placing him, still unconscious as he is, outside the café and then tell the Germans where they can find him. René thinks it is a lousy idea.

Helga calls on herr Flick, who is lying in bed with bandages around his head, his right arm and his left leg. She is allowed to kiss him, but gently. Meanwhile, René, Edith and the waitresses places the general at a table outside the café, put his hand around a glass of wine and try to make him look like a customer. As captain Alberto Bertorelli approaches, they try to get him inside the café, before he discovers the French general. Because it is a beautiful day, he wants to remain outdoors and sits down next to the general without suspecting anything.

Colonel Von Strohm shows Gruber four glasses which he has commandeered from the museum - they are priceless 17th century Louis XIV glasses. The next moment, general Von Klinkerhoffen enters and order both of them and Helga, to stay and listen to what he has to say. The French general has turned out to be the guilty party and has been captured. He is even now being sent to Berlin for interrogation. He also reveals his plans for the rescheduled generals' conference. Peasants will be dressed up as German generals and placed in a tent in the town square, where they will be seeming to plan the invasion. Meanwhile, the real generals will discuss the invasion plans in the café, disguised as peasants. This will stop any assassination plots or interruptions. They celebrate this scheme by having a drink from the glasses. Before they can tell the general that they are priceless antiques, he and Helga have galantly smashed their glasses in the fireplace and Gruber and Von Strohm are forced to do the same.

René and Yvette have a quick cuddle in the backroom, but are interrupted by Michelle. She thinks René is a "faithless deceiver" after their little tête-à-tête (in the previous episode). Yvette is very upset to learn that René seems to be in love with somebody else. It almost looks as if the two girls will start a fight over René, but before this, Michelle asks him to leave the room. When he has done so, she explains to Yvette that she does not love him - she only pretended to do so in order to make him stay in the resistance. When she does not need him anymore, she will break up with him and Yvette can have him back. Edith happens to walk in on them, but does not hear anything of the conversation. As René, Edith, Yvette, Mimi and Michelle then gather in the room, Mimi tells them that there has been an urgent message from London on the radio. Michelle is able to decipher the message, which was sent in morse code. It means that several more British airmen, disguised as onion sellers, will arrive at the café. Under the cover of an air raid, they will be picked up by a fish truck and driven to the coast shortly after the arrival.

Monsieur LeClerc enters the café, very smartly dressed and in a cheerful mode. This is because he and Fanny will be promenading themselves around the town to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first meeting. While he is waiting for Fanny and talking to Mimi, officer Crabtree comes up to them and gives them a message. He will bring the airmen to the café when the air raid is on. Because of his bad French, they misunderstand this.

At the colonel's office, all the German generals are waiting, disguised as peasants (very similar to onion sellers). General Von Klinkerhoffen, colonel Von Strohm and lieutenant Gruber, still dressed in uniforms, have been supervising the dressing up of the French peasants. Von Klinkerhoffen tells the generals to go to the café and the three of them will soon follow - when they have also disguised themselves as French peasants. When Gruber shows him their peasants' clothes, he thinks they are too smelly and they end up going to the café dressed as German officers.

At night, Crabtree bring the two regular British airmen, dressed as onion sellers, to the café, in order to let them wait for the air raid in there. Soon, they are joined by the other British airmen, also dressed as onion sellers. The next moment, the German generals, also dressed as onion sellers, enter the café. They think all the airmen are other German generals and all the airmen think they are other airmen. The two original airmen greet some of the German generals and say "we'll soon be in England". The generals do not suspect anything from this statement, as that is what they all want. As the airmen speak English, the Germans assume that they are to practice their English at the meeting. The airmen and the generals talk a little, without suspecting anything. Crabtree informs René and Edith that some of the "onion sellers" are in fact German generals. The next moment, the air raid starts, while the general, the colonel and the lieutenant are on their way to the café. The colonel rushes to the café, telling everyone to keep out of the air raid by going to the shelters. The German generals leave the café, followed by the British airmen. Mimi drives the fish truck into the square but in the dark, it is not easy to see who is an airman and who is a general, since they are all dressed as onion sellers. Therefore, the German generals are told by Mimi to get into the back of the truck, which they do, together with the British airmen - assuming they will be driven to the shelter. Unfortunately, the two original airmen (Fairfax and Carstairs) do not get on the truck, because it is full and there is no room for them.

The French peasants in the tent in the square - all dressed as German generals - leave the tent, because it is getting dangerous to be there. They head into the café, where it turns out that LeClerc is one of those having been forced to play a German general. Michelle comes in from the backroom and congratulates them all on a job well done. She is not so enthusiastic when she learns that a large number of real German generals have been sent to the coast on the fish truck. Secondly they are all even more put off when the two airmen enter the café asking for "the next fish truck".

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