Edith enters the café and tells René that it is time to feed the ducklings, but she has no fountain pen filler to feed them with. René then suggests she use her mother's ear trumpet. As the ducklings start to faint because of hunger, she brings them upstairs to her mother's room. When she has left, Yvette enters the café, having bought waitress suits for Denise and Louise, so they can be disguised this way. They manage a quick cuddle, but René sneezes from the flowery hat, that Yvette has bought for herself. When she has also gone upstairs, Mimi comes out from the kitchen and also wants a cuddle with René. He manages to stop this, as somebody is coming down the stairs. Mimi goes back into the kitchen, but René has to deal with the person coming down the stairs - who turns out to be Denise. She complains about the clothes that Yvette has brought her, saying she cannot be expected to wear such rags. She also wants a quick cuddle with René, after which she asks him to join her at midnight. When she has once again gone upstairs, Louise comes in from the backroom, also wanting to cuddle with René and wanting him to join her at midnight too. When she has gone upstairs, René asks himself if there is anybody who can resist him - the moment after which lieutenant Gruber walks into the café, followed by colonel Von Strohm.

The Germans explain to René that 25,000 of the 1,000,000 francs were missing and that they have been traced to the undertaker, monsieur Alfonse, who is now in the hands of the Gestapo. In order for Alfonse not to give them away under torture, he must be silenced and the Germans therefore order René to bake a small pastry and put a suicide pill inside it, to give to monseiur Alfonse. If he refuses, he must take the pill himself, since he is next in line to be interrogated by the Gestapo.

At the Gestapo headquarters, Von Smallhausen tries to interrogate monsieur Alfonse, but he does not manage to wriggle much information out of him. Helga takes over and orders Von Smallhausen to leave. When he has done so, she reveals to monsieur Alfonse that she has one quarter of the money, in her bosom, and that she wishes to help him to escape. When she picks out a hacksaw from under her skirt, monsieur Alfonse gets a good look at her black suspenders, which makes his dicky ticker kick in. Both Helga and Herr Flick (who enters the room the next moment) think he has a heart attack and rush him to hospital.

At the café, Edith has baked a pastry and put the pill in it. As she comes out from the kitchen, officer Crabtree comes by and wants to talk to London on the radio. The three of them therefore go upstairs to Fanny's bedroom. When she spots the policeman, she tells him that some "villain" has stolen her ear trumpet and asks Edith for her lunch. They do not care about her for the moment, as they are about to contact London. While they are doing so, Fanny starts eating the pastry, which Edith carelessly put beside her bed. When Crabtree uses the radio, he gets the wrong number and leaves to check it in his address book. The next moment, Michelle barges in and tells them that monsieur Alfonse has been taken to hospital and that they must get to him before the Gestapo does. Then, they discover that Fanny has been eating the pastry, She spits it out when René explains that it was intended for monsieur Alfonse not to be interrogated by the Gestapo. Luckily, the pill is intact.

Michelle then explains her plan to rescue monsieur Alfonse. They will all disguise themselves as ambulance workers and use a patient trolley with a false bottom. There they will have a dummy looking like monsieur Alfonse. They will switch him for the dummy and use René as a cover patient on top of the trolley. Meanwhile, Helga informs colonel Von Strohm, lieutenant Gruber and captain Bertorelli of her plan to silence monsieur Alfonse. They will use an exploding bedpan, which is controlled by remote control. It will also contain a microphone, by which those who are to place it under Alfonse can communicate with those who will handle the plunger. At a signal, the "plunger handlers" will count to ten and then pull the trigger, making the bedpan explode.

That same night at the hospital, René is lying on a trolley, disguised as a patient, while the others push him to monsieur Alfonse's room, Michelle, Yvette and Mimi being disguised as ambulance drivers, Edith as a nurse and Crabtree as a doctor. When they have found it, they struggle a while to remove the wires by which Alfonse is connected to the heart-beat measuring machine, which beeps by every beat his heart makes. They fail to remove them, so they are forced to bring the machine with them, when they have put him on the false bottom of the trolley. Meanwhile, Von Strohm and Gruber, disguised as nurses, look for Alfonse's room, to put the exploding bedpan underneath him. When the café gang have left the room, Edith remembers that they must cover the dummy and everybody therefore leaves the trolley in the corridor. As they do so, a real doctor and nurses find it and think René is a patient who is to be operated on - therefore bringing him into the nearest operating room. When the others return, they naturally find that the trolley is gone, but they think René has wheeled it out of the hospital himself and therefore, they also leave. Meanwhile, the Germans show up, put the bedpan in Alfonse's room and then tell Helga and Bertorelli to pull the trigger, which they do, causing the bedpan to explode. As the explosion is quite near the room where René is to be operated on, the doctor and the nurses think it is a bomb raid by the RAF and run towards the bomb shelters. René and monsieur Alfonse then manage to escape from the hospital themselves.

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