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Things are looking up for René. The colonel has spilled the beans that the Germans are about to invade England, hence the war will soon be over. As he has said this to the airmen (who are hiding inside the bar and have no idea what he is talking about), Edith comes down the stairs, with a wedding veil in front of her face. It is for their upcoming wedding, which René is not too keen about.

Herr Flick is in his office, playing the violin. There is a knock in the door, but he takes no notice. After a second knock, still without him taking notice, the door is blown up and Von Smallhausen enters the room, announcing Helga, whom herr Flick had sent for. When Von Smallhausen has left, herr Flick orders Helga to undress, while he explains why. He has reasons to believe that general Von Klinkerhoffen and colonel Von Strohm are plotting to assassinate Hitler. In order to gather evidence, he will, disguised as "the colonel's temporary typist", place a listening device in the colonel's office. He had intended to lock Helga in his room, in order for her not to show up (hence the colonel's need for a temporary typist), and not to reveal his identity, but since he no longer has a door to it, he instead locks her wrists to the chair.

At the café, they are about to open, but before doing so, Michelle comes in to tell them of her new plan. However, they inform her that the new radio is useless, because they cannot hear anything but crackling on it. However, Michelle knows why - it is because the Gestapo are jamming it and they need a higher aerial. This will be acquired by flying it with a kite, which is being made at the nunnery and which Mimi will collect from there, disguised as a nun. René is then to fly the kite and tell London that the radio is working and that they need some plastic explosives. These are to be used to break into general Von Klinkerhoffen's safe, where he keeps the detailed invasion plans. René asks her why she cannot do some of these tasks and this makes her break out in tears over how difficult it is to come up with these plans and organise everything in the resistance. They try to comfort her and pleads to do as she asks. Yvette and Mimi take her into the kitchen.

At the same moment, officer Crabtree enters the café with a bouquet of flowers for Edith. They turn out to be from captain Bertorelli, who has even written a little poem on a card attached to the bouquet. As she goes into the kitchen to put them in water, René and Yvette have a little cuddle. However, at that very moment, monsieur Alfonse enters the café, seeing them with their arms around each other. He becomes very upset at this and decides to tell Edith everything and continue his wooing of her. René and Yvette try to talk him out of it, but it is no use.

Gruber turns up at the colonel's office, just as the colonel wanted. They both wonder where Helga is, but then, the colonel starts discussing plans to get rid of Bertorelli, since he thinks the captain is a nuisance. Gruber also finds him irritating, since he is disturbed and cannot continue with the forging of the paintings because of him. The colonel considers having René ask the resistance to blow him up - just enough to make him a nervous wreck, so he will be sent home. The next moment, Bertorelli enters the room, with a newspaper in his hand. He is soon followed by a female soldier, who kicks down the door, limps and has a cane very similar to that of herr Flick. "She" tells them that her name is Irma Von Kinkenrotten and that she is Helga's temporary replacement. She puts a pot of daffodills on the table and tells Von Strohm and Gruber that they are to report to general Von Klinkerhoffen at the chateau immediately. They and Bertorelli leave, whereupon Von Kinkenrotten (who is really herr Flick) start attaching earphones to the pot.

At the same time, Helga enters the colonel's office, dressed in herr Flick's black leather coat and hat, glasses and cane, limping like herr Flick. She has managed to unlock the wrist locks of the chair and get out. After she has passed the earphones through the window, herr Flick shows her that one of the daffodills is really a small microphone, with which he will listen in on the officers. Von Smallhausen turns up outside the window, hearing everything they say.

At the café, Edith is overwhelmed that Bertorelli actually seems to appreciate her singing and applauds her. However, René interrupts her and reminds her they are to go light a candle in the church (which he says in order to fool the Germans; what he means is they are off to contact London by the kite). However, before they do, Mimi turns up, dressed as a nun, carrying the kite. René shows her into the kitchen, after which general Von Klinkerhoffen shows up, complaining to the colonel and the lieutenant that they spend more time in the café than attending the war. They and the captain are therefore to accompany him on his inspection tour around the country side.

René, Edith, Yvette and Mimi carry the radio and kite into an open field, where they are contacted by Crabtree. Meanwhile, the Germans drive around in the area, and the general points out certain places that will be used for training camps etcetera. After the café gang have assembled the kite, they let it up and Edith almost manages to contact London. However, the wind grabs hold of the kite and the wire burns René's hand, making him drop it. As the wire is attached to the radio, which Mimi is carrying on her back, she is soon swept away by the kite, disconnecting the radio from the microphone, which Edith is holding in her hand. They all run after her.

The colonel, the lieutenant and the captain all observe the flying nun, but do not say anything to the general, who is looking the other way.