René is in the bathroom on the second floor, having a bath and singing to keep people out, since there is no lock on the door. He is interrupted by various people (Fanny, LeClerc, Yvette and Edith) who want to use the toilet, pour him some more hot water or simply urge him to finish his bath, since they cannot use the one in the yard, because the British airmen are hiding in it. When everybody else has left, Michelle appears at the bathroom window to reveal her latest plan; however, before she is able to, the drainpipe she is holding on to breaks and collapses, making her fall down and injure herself.

Down in the café, Edith performs to the customers, after which Gruber chitchats with René. However, Hans comes up to them and tells René that the colonel wishes to speak to him. He demands René stop helping the resistance. He agrees to this, but then, something worse occurs. Maria comes in and reveals that Herr Flick's sausage (which contains a forged painting but Herr Flick believes contains the original) has been stolen from the kitchen. Since the original is safe in René's cellar, the German officers are not worried, but René points out that he can get in trouble if Herr Flick asks for his sausage back. Edith then asks for René's attention and they both go into the backroom, where they meet Yvette. She shows officer Crabtree in through the window and he tells them Michelle has been severely injured in the fall. She is brought in on a stretcher and have bandages around her head, arm and leg. She still manages to tell them the latest plan to get the British airmen back to England. They are to steal an old airplane, used to cross the English Channel in 1910, from a nearby museum. As it has no engine, they are also to get their hands on a lawnmower motor to power it. When they have acquired these items, they are to contact her at the hospital.

Helga is at Herr Flick's office to try out a new uniform, which she is to wear at a Gestapo party. The tailor is there, making some adjustments, but Herr Flick is not satisfied and tears several parts of it away, until she is half naked. Von Smallhausen enters and while Helga puts on her regular clothes behind the dressing screen, he reveals that the communist resistance have stolen Herr Flick's knockwurst sausage and are demanding a ransom for it. Herr Flick wonders why it has taken it four hours for him to come and tell him of this and it turns out, it is because he received the message by being hit on the head with a stone, making him unconscious for the past four hours. As Herr Flick receives the ransom note, he also finds out that the ransom is 800,000 francs. He then tells Helga to inform the Colonel to burn down the town if the painting is not recovered.

Fanny calls for help from Edith or the girls and when Edith comes into her room, she says she thinks she is going mad, since she is seeing strangers in her bed. However, Edith informs her that they are not strangers - it is the airmen, hiding in the bed, dressed as old ladies. This way, the Germans will not be suspicious if they search the place.

In the café, Colonel Von Strohm tells René of his predicament of having to burn down the town if the sausage is not found. René informs him that they are dealing with the communist resistance, which is trickier than the regular one. Helga, however, tells them she has a plan. They will give the money to the resistance, get the sausage back and then ambush them to get the money back. They discuss various ways of carrying out this plan and it is decided that René is to obtain the money, but he has no idea how to do it. LeClerc enters the café giving them another note (which he has also received by having a stone thrown in the head). It says the money must be paid by mid day tomorrow or the sausage will be sliced. After discussing some ideas on how to raise the sum, Edith comes up with the idea of borrowing the money from monsieur Alfonse. When the Germans leave, Yvette comes in with a message from Michelle: If they steal the engine on Thursday and the plane on Friday, the airmen can leave on Saturday.

That same night, Yvette is preparing a dinner for Edith and monsieur Alfonse in the backroom. René comes in and the have a quick cuddle before Edith comes down. After Yvette has left, he also manages a quick cuddle with Maria, before monsieur Alfonse arrives and they finish the preparations. Edith welcomes Alfonse and tells him they will have a quiet dinner in the backroom - alone. She says they want him to join the resistance. When they are alone in the room and have started their meal (soup), he asks how he can be of service. Edith asks him for some money and he thinks it is worth it - for France. However, when she mentions the sum (800,000 francs) monsieur Alfonse's "dicky ticker" (bad heart) sets in and he faints. However, in the end, he lends them the money.The next day, Kurt and Hans are disguised as trees with a secret camera, hidden in an owl on one of the branches. The German ambush troops are disguised as gendarmes and approach the place where the ransom is to be paid and take up position nearby. Herr Flick, Von Smallhausen and Helga are watching from behind a big rock and are disguised as resistance girls. Finally, the café gang (René, Edith, Yvette, Maria and LeClerc) are disguised as German soldiers, marching toward the meeting point, which is a bridge over the river. The real resistance girls (of whom there are four) know the café gang are disguised as German soldiers, as do the German troops (disguised as gendarmes). Everything is proceeding according to plan, except for the fact that lieutenant Gruber is walking his two shepherd dogs in the area. On the bridge, the communist resistance receive the money, and then heave the sausage towards René. However, one of Gruber's dogs smells it, runs up to it and steals it before running away with it. Gruber tries to stop him, but cannot; the real resistance girls flee into the woods with the money, while the café gang run after the dog. The Gestapo gang also run after the dog and then the Germans (dressed as gendarmes) think the three of them are the resistance girls and run after them. In order to save the painting, in which lies their pensions, the captain and the colonel, still dressed as trees, also run after the others.

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