Edith and Mimi are downstairs in the café, preparing for opening. As Edith goes into the kitchen, Mimi sneaks upstairs and joins René in his bed. As Edith enters with his breakfast, Mimi hides in it, under the cover.

Monsieur Alfonse enters the café, bringing flowers for Edith. He is still angry with René for cheating on her with Yvette. When she comes down, he gives her the flowers and says he has a message for her, which he is to tell privately. Therefore, they go into the backroom, where they are alone - apart from the airmen hiding behind the curtains, but who do not understand French - and Mnsieur Alfonse asks if he may kiss her. As she agrees to this, he becomse overwhelmed and his "dicky ticker" (bad heart) sets in. He starts trembling with movement and falls down on the floor, where Edith wakes him up by pouring water on his face.

Meanwhile, René has come down from the bedroom and is met by Michelle, who comes in with one of her assistants, who is carrying a bicycle. This is to be a dynamo for the radio, since they have lost the batteries when chasing the nun-dressed Mimi. However, she informs him, Yvette and Mimi, it will not be for long, since new batteries are on their way - stolen from a German midget submarine - and will be delivered by one of their agents. Secondly, they have received the explosives they ask for from London, which are to be hidden in René's cellar and will be delivered by another one of their agents. He will have them down his trousers and therefore, he will have a gingerly walk. As Lieutenant Gruber enters the café, Michelle leaves by the kitchen door. He walks rather gingerly and at first, René suspects he has the dynamite. However, it is only because he has been exercising one of General Von Klinkerhoffen's horses.

As he sits down, Edith shows Monsieur Alfonse into the café and gives him a cognac to settle his nerves. The next moment, Herr Flick enters the café, but it turns out to be Helga in Herr Flick's clothes. She reveals that she is wearing nothing but underwear under the black coat, because Herr Flick has taken her clothes. This makes Monsieur Alfonse's "dicky ticker" to set in again and he goes into the backroom - followed by Edith with some water. Helga then tells the others of Herr Flick's plan and about the listening device in the daffodill. Gruber leaves to warn Colonel Von Strohm and the general at once.

The general comes to the colonel's office, where they discuss plans to celebrate Hitler's birthday. Meanwhile, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen are listening in on them, but as they cannot see what they are doing, only hear it, they get the impression, that the two officers are plotting to assassinate Hitler. However, after a while, Gruber rushes in and covers the listening daffodill with one of his gloves. After he has given an explanation for his odd behaviour and the general learns that the colonel's temporary secretary "Irma Von Kinkenrotten" is actually Herr Flick, he has him arrested and place in a dungeon.

In Fanny's bedroom, René and Yvette ride the bicycle to generate the power, while Edith and Mimi is operating the radio, informing London they need spy cameras, with which to photograph the German invasion plans of England. When this is cleared out, London wants to speak to the airmen. One of their commanding officers reads a letter for Fairfax, from his girlfriend. However, while he is reading, René and Yvette grow too tired and stop peddling for a while, which breaks the connection for a while, before they start again. Therefore, Fairfax only hears the beginning and the end of the letter and misunderstands it.

Von Smallhausen has disguised himself as a nurse and so visits Herr Flick in the dungeon. He brings herr Flick a suicide pill, whereas he instructs Von Smallhausen to contact his godfather Henrich Himmler to get him out of there.

Later that same day, Gruber comes into the café and as Helga, the colonel and René gather round, he tells them that he has completed the forgeries of the paintings and hidden them inside sausages. He has brought seven sausages, two of which contains the original paintings and four of which contains the forgeries (René is to have the original Van Gogh and the general and Hitler are to have the forgeries, whereas the colonel is to have the original Van Klomp and herr Flick and Hitler are to have the forgeries). To know which is which, Gruber has put secret markings on them - known only to him. When captain Bertorelli enters the café, they all hide the sausages under the table. He has brought a parcel, which he puts on the table. It turns out to contain eight salami sausages, which look exactly the same as the "painting sausages", sent to him by his mother. When he soon thereafter leaves, the others accidentally mix them up with their knockwurst sausages. As if this was not enough, Monsieur LeClerc enters, disguised as a sausage seller. He gives René another four sausages, also looking exactly like the others, containing batteries for the radio. After he has left, officer Crabtree enters with the explosives (dynamite), concealed in four similar sausages, which he places with the others, making it a total of 23 sausages, all looking the same. As the general is approaching, Helga, Gruber and Kurt hide most of the sausages on their persons and René keeps a few in his apron. As the general has learned that the submarine batteries have been stolen, he orders the three Germans to accompany him on a search of the town.

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