René is standing in a railway car vestibule and after buying some time, by telling Edith that he needs to go to "the little boys' room", he goes to find somewhere to hide. Meanwhile, colonel Von Strohm and lieutenant Gruber are waiting in the baggage compartment for Helga to turn up. When she does so, she tells them that she has not attained to key to the safe box, since she has not been able to locate the Swedish art expert Yoop Hoop de Hoop, who has it on his person. She does have the sleeping drug pill, with which she will put him to sleep.

René finds another compartment, where he finds an empty berth, where he can hide from Edith momentarily. The next moment, Mimi enters the compartment and soon finds him, hiding in the berth. As they hear Edith looking for René, they both hide in the berth and when Edith enters the compartment, René makes kissing sounds, fooling her into thinking that that berth is occupied by honeymooners, making her leave the compartment.

Herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen, disguised as dining car stewards, are about to put their plan into action. It calls for them to go around and take orders for coffee. When they find the Swedish art expert, they will drug him, take his key, get the paintings, use the emergency break and leave the train. Meanwhile, René and Mimi have a cuddle in their compartment, but René does not think it would be a good idea to elope with Edith chasing after them all the time. As the train slows down, René demands that Mimi jump from it. She is very reluctant, but when they hear Edith approaching, René pushes her off the train.

Helga goes into the dining car kitchen and looks at the reservation plan to find out where the Swedish art expert is staying. When she has found out, she pours two cups of coffee and drugs one of them. Gruber joins her and quickly points out, that the stewards are returning. They are therefore forced to hide and leave the coffee. The herrs find the cups and drink the coffee, Von Smallhausen drinking the drugged one. When Helga and Gruber has found the art expert's compartment, she goes in there, while Gruber is to get the coffee. He hears the Gestapo agents approaching and hides in a nearby compartment. As herr Flick enters it, looking for the art expert, he discovers that two of the berths contain nuns and Gruber manages to hide by, speaking in a voice sounding like an old woman, telling him from the berth he is hiding in, that he is a very old nun and that "she" does not want any coffee.

The colonel starts wondering what has become of Helga and Gruber and goes to look for them. René hears him and Edith, who is longing for him, and is forced to hide in another compartment, accidentally ending up in the same berth as Gruber. Meanwhile, the colonel walks by compartment 12b, where the Swedish art expert is staying, and Helga sticks out her leg, with the key tied to one of her toes. When Von Strohm is about to remove it, Von Smallhausen turns up and points a gun at him. The next moment, he falls down on the floor, unconscious, so the colonel can take the key without hindrance. Meanwhile, René sneaks out behind him and by the door of another compartment, he discovers Yvette, who apparently is on the train. They go into the nearest compartment to hide in one of the berths - only to discover monsieur LeClerc in there. He tells them that Michelle will drop two exploding Christmas puddings down the funnel of the train when they pass Abbeville. As they are running late, they are due there any moment. Edith shows up and Yvette hides with monsieur LeClerc, but the next second, the train crashes, derails and stops.

The next morning, René tells the audience that he and Edith have returned to the café on the back of a fish lorry. He has no idea how Yvette will get home, but the next moment, she comes rushing through the door on roller skates, telling him that she has skated all the way from Abbeville and so has Monsieur LeClerc. René grabs her and this makes Edith, who comes down the stairs, suspicious. After she has bought René's explanation to why Yvette was in his arms and why she is wearing roller skates. When Yvette has gone into the kitchen, René remembers the gold bars that he stole. Now that he is not in Switzerland, there is a risk of General Von Klinkerhoffen finding out. René therefore wants to put the four gold bars back and is actually glad to see Officer Crabtree, who turns up at the same moment. He already knows that René has stolen the gold bars (he saw him do it), but has jammed the safe lock with glue, so the general will not find out. Edith then comes up with the plan of blowing open the safe with one of the Christmas puddings and eloping with all the gold bars.

Von Strohm, Gruber and Helga have returned to Nouvion. Before they left the train, they managed to switch the paintings, after which Helga saw Herr Flick also switching the paintings. This means that the three of them have the originals, the Gestapo has forgeries and the Swedish art expert's client will also receive forgeries. They hide the originals inside a near-life size statue of a black man. As they are all congratulating each other on a job well done, the general enters the office. He says he has a task for Gruber, which is for him to use his little tank to transport the police station safe to his chateau, because somebody has jammed the lock and he wants to keep the safe under observation. As he is leaving, he observes the statue and decides he wants it, taking it with him right away.

While René and Edith (assisted by Crabtree) are in the police station, to blow open the safe, Gruber finds Captain Bertorelli and his men in the town square and asks their assistance in removing the safe. When Edith has lit the fuse, Crabtree tells her and René that Gruber is approaching. They try to put out the fuse, but it is too late - it is burning inside the plastic explosives and as they do not hear it fizz anymore, Edith assumes it has gone out. As the Italians are placing the safe in Gruber's tank, he offers René to have a ride with him to the chateau. Since René knows what is about to happen, he declines the offer and, in an attempt to rescue the lieutenant from the explosion, offers him a drink in the café, while Captain Bertorelli drives the tank to the chateau. As the captain starts the tank, the safe explodes, demolishing the tank. Gruber is devastated and Bertorelli is slightly shocked, but survives.


Michelle does not appear in this episode.

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