Edith, hiding from the communist resistance, is cleaning the floor of the café with a bucket over her head. She then asks René to hold and kiss her, to make some of his courage pour over into her. Before he has to do this, Yvette calls them both into the backroom, where Michelle is waiting. She informs them that the German generals are meeting at the chateau the following day to discuss the plans for the invasion of England. René and his staff are to provide the catering for the meeting and at the same time photograph the map. When he points out how dangerous it is, Michelle calls Mimi into the room, through the window. She brings a big parcel, in which is included a device with a concealed camera. It turns out to be a waiter's outfit with a false left arm (made of rubber and always held on the wearer's hip) and an apron, which can be lifted up, revealing a camera. The idea is for the wearer to use his real left arm (hidden underneath the clothes) to maneuvre the camera. Michelle then gives Edith a pill, which she will take to foam around her mouth. After that, she will pretend to have a fit and fall down on the floor. When the generals are diverted by this action, René will be able to take the picture. He complains that the rubber hand does not look at all realistic and would not fool anybody. Michelle then urges him to go into the café and try it out - if nobody falls for it, she will cancel the whole operation. Nevertheless, as he goes into the café, nobody in there (including colonel Von Strohm) notices that it is a false arm and hand - not even lieutenant Gruber, who has especially noticed René's "delicate hands".

Herr Von Smallhausen enters the headquarters of herr Flick (who can be seen wearing an SS uniform) and announces Helga. Herr Flick orders Von Smallhausen to get the tailor and tells Helga that the uniform is his wedding outfit when they wed. He has also provided a dress for her, which the tailor brings. It turns out to be a black leather outfit, with a rather thick veil. As she also informs him that the generals will be gathering to discuss the invasion plans, he assumes they will really be talking about the assassination attempt on Hitler and he will therefore spy on them.

Monsieur Alfonse brings flowers for Fanny and thus goes up to her room. While he and Edith are there, the bedknobs start flashing, indicating that London is calling. This means that Alfonse is shown the radio and the loudspeaker and how they communicate with London, as René, Yvette and Mimi enter the room to answer the call. Through this, they receive information that there will be a French collaborating general attending the generals' meeting and he must be eliminated. When they have signed out, monsieur LeClerc comes up and informs them that when he was feeding the long-distance duck, it escaped and flew away. It can even now be heard and seen circling around the square. Monsieur Alfonse then tells them that he has duck-hunting equipment - consisting of hats with artificial ducks on top and duck quackers.

When they come downstairs, they see a French general sitting at a window table. When René offers him a menu, he falls down over the table - apparently dead. It turns out he has been poisoned by Mimi. They must then try to dispose of the body and ask the customers of the café to help them - whereupon everybody quickly leaves the café. The next moment, officer Crabtree enters together with the airmen. They are told to go outside, while René explains the situation to Crabtree. Then, they hear murmurs from the general, who is not dead after all.

Monsieurs Alfonse and LeClerc try to capture the duck, but putting on the duck-hunting equipment and hiding in the town convenience, so that the duck will see the ducks on their heads but not them. Captain Bertorelli comes to take use of the facilities and asks them what they are doing. When they tell him that they are trying to capture the duck, so they can eat it for lunch, the captain "helps" them by shooting down the duck. He thinks he has done them a favour, but unbeknownst to him, they now, for the moment, do not have a carrier duck to send the photograph back to England.

At the chateau, René, Edith, Yvette and Mimi are preparing the food for the generals, when general Erich Von Klinkerhoffen, lieutenant Hubert Gruber and private Helga Geerhart enter the room, Gruber carrying the big map under his arm. The general tells the café gang that if they look at the map, they will be shot. Therefore, they are to keep their eyes on the ceiling if they come within six feet of it. Meanwhile, herrs Flick and Von Smallhausen crawl under the roof of the chateau, trying to locate the generals' conference beneath them, so they can drill a hole through the ceiling and spy on it. They do not find the conference room and miss everything happening there.

As the generals enter the room, Helga announces them. First come colonel Kurt Von Strohm and captain Alberto Bertorelli, followed by general Leopold Von Flockenstuffen, general Vilhelm Von Walkenstiffen, airchief marshall Maximilian Von Winkelmeister, admiral Ulrich Von Sinkenquicken and the French general Jean Louis Marcel Aznavour. When he enters, he turns out to be Crabtree in disguise. Since the Germans have never seen neither Crabtree nor the real French general, they do not suspect anything.

At first, the big map has to be held down or it will be rolled up by itself. After a while, it can be stretched out and lie flat. When René tells Edith that the table is to high for the camera to reach taking a picture of the map, she tells him to stand on a chair, since she is about to take the pill. She has accidentally left the jar with the rest of the pills on the table and the Germans think they are sweets. Von Strohm, Gruber, Bertorelli and Von Flockenstuffen all have one, but do not notice they get foam around their mouths. When Edith tries to draw attention to herself by foaming around the mouth and having a fit on the floor, the Germans hardly notice her. After a while they start noticing their own foam and think they have been poisoned by the resistance and all rush to the hospital wing. This leaves the map without surveillance and the café gang are free to photograph it. When the mission is complete, they head back to the café.

  • Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Ken Morley as general Leopold Von Flockenstuffen.
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