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Yvette Carte-Blanche
Yvette carte blanche.jpg
Series Allo Allo
Aliases Women of the streets
First appearance Pilot: The British Are Coming
Last appearance

A Winkle In Time

Job/Position Waitress/Prostitute/Mistress of Rene
Nationality French
Affiliation Collaborator (French Resistance)
Portrayed by Vicki Michelle

Yvette Carte-Blanche is a main character in 'Allo 'Allo, and works as the head waitress in Café René, originally alongside Maria Recamier and later Mimi Labonq. She is passionately in love with René and is found kissing and hugging him nearly every episode. She would do anything for the only man she could ever love.


Yvette mainly works as a waitress in Café René, attending to the needs of French locals and German Officers and giving out drinks. She also works infrequently behind the bar.

To also make ends meet, Yvette is also known as a woman-about-the-town, as referenced by Michelle in The Flying Nun.

Catchphrases ===

  • "Ohhhh Rene!" - Primary catchphrase

Relationship with Rene[]

Strength through the war[]

Yvette is a strong and beautiful young woman willing to do her part for the war in any way she can, even if it means dealing with the enemy. She entertains the Colonel and Captain along with her best friend Maria Recamier. She has a deep dislike for Mimi and her opinions are clear. She is the head waitress of the Café and Rene's true lover.


Yvette has a deceased grandmother, her aunt Claudette in Paris, no father or any cousins. Her elderly widowed mother she gives paraffin to help her "cold feet" she has only told rene of her "secret" to help her mother, Rene promises her the "secret" is safe with her. Yvette knows she can trust Rene with anything.